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In anticipation of their title defence at Red Bull Culture Clash 2014, Boy Better Know member Frisco lets loose on his favourite three moments of that unforgettable night.


One of my favourite moments was when I came out on stage and spat my ‘I come through like ‘what is it on’?’ lyric [Frisco’s signature line, best known from BBK’s club anthem “Too Many Man”] on top of a Gangnam Style remix. At the time Gangnam Style was a big track in the world, so we played a grime mash up. When I came out and started spitting the place went bananas. 

Boy Better Know

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When we played the [our special guest] Gigg’s dubplate of Talkin’ Da Hardest that touched nerves of our competitors. Especially Channel One took our verses to heart. That was good to see. I don’t think Channel One would want me to repeat what we said back then, but you know how dubplates go. It’s never friendly. You’re supposed to challenge your opponents. We were saying [nasty] stuff about [our other opponents] Skream and Benga, Annie Mac and Diplo too. They all got a bit of it. To see their reaction was one of the funniest moments of the clash. After the show the Channel One guys spoke to Jammer, because they know some of his family. They weren’t happy about that at all (laughs). They made us know that they weren’t happy as well.

Boy Better Know

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When presenter Tim Westwood called our names as winners, we couldn’t believe it at first. That was a serious moment for us, and I still remember it like it was yesterday. The trophy was quite heavy. Instead of going to the after party, we went straight back to our studio to celebrate, have some drinks and make some new music. Off the back of that win we put out a few good singles. The win put us in a creative space. We still keep the trophy in our studio.

Boy Better Know

© Steve Stills/Red Bull Content Pool

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