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Models in Film

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: The Heart Truth

From catwalk to cinema, we look at some of the highest profile model-to-actress converts.

Models, they’ve already won the gene pool lottery. And just when we thought there wasn’t enough for us mere mortals to become jealous of, a select few go and flaunt just how talented they are by making the leap to acting and directing. And kicking ass at it nonetheless. You want to hate them. But like a three-day old box of donuts, they’re just too damn good to despise. Sure, some have bombed harder than a sumo deep diver. But for every robotic or up-talking effort by the likes of Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks, there are countless others who have changed cinema forever - or, you know, made a pretty good impression. FYI - Charlize Theron was too obvious.

Cara Delevigne

She’s featured in more adverts, magazines and billboards that you’ve had hot dinners. She’s also walked more miles for big campaigns than you do on your daily commute, effectively making her the biggest name in modern modelling. Born to UK socialites, she seemed to have it all - then decided she wanted even more. Her first leading role in 2015’s Paper Towns proved she had it all and more. She was a shining light in an otherwise average film and has since secured roles in Suicide Squad and Ab Fab: The Movie

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Norman Reedus

If you listen quietly you can hear a collective swoon across the globe every time Reedus graces the screen. But before the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead, and the kick-assery that was Boondock Saints, Daryl was a walker himself - for Prada and various other high-end brands in the 1990s. Fun fact: he has a kid with model Helena Christensen.

Norman Reedus

Fame has come late to Reedus, which is a good thing. It has made him a rarity in the acting world - successful and famous, yet still very much the Hollywood outsider with his feet on the ground.

Rebecca Romijn

If there’s been one convert who led the way for the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton to make the leap  - though not as successfully - it’s Rebecca Romijn. She walked among the original, and still the best, supermodels of the early 1990s and smashed the divide between modelling and acting forever with her turn as Mystique in 2000’s X-Men. She’s starred in many a film and television show since. 

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Emily Ratajkowski

You don’t have to agree with some of the diatribe on her Twitter feed, but on the screen Em Rata is making her presence felt as an actress. Along with likes of Abbey Lee, Dree Hemingway and a whole host of others, Rata is leading the way for a new generation of converts with roles in titles such as Gone Girl, Entourage and Will Ferrell’s obscure IFC comedy, The Spoils Before Dying. Only time will tell if she has the goods. Fun fact: Before that “Blurred Lines” video, Rata featured in two episodes of Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

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Robin Wright

If there’s a more accomplished model in the entertainment industry than the House of Cards star, we haven’t found one. Because even harder than breaking into television as a model was breaking out of daytime soaps to become a genuine film star in cult favorite The Princess Bride. She went on to play the restless hedonist Jenny in Forrest Gump and now not only stars in the award-winning House of Cards, but has directed many episodes as well.

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