Make a statement with these sleek devices that combine function and flair

Recon Jet - Smart Eyewear

These performance sunglasses feature a built-in GPS and in-lens display that shows data from your wearables and smartphone, so there’s no need to break pace.

Tanita body monitor


The slimline BC-350 Ironman monitor gives you a complete rundown of your attributes, from muscle mass to body fat, plus a ‘physique rating’ that’ll have you racing to the gym.

Tateossian USB cufflinks

USB Stick

A subtle, stylish way to carry around your data, these rhodium-plated cufflinks with Tateossian’s signature diamond pattern each incorporate a handy 2GB flash drive.

Netatmo Welcome camera


Cautious about leaving your house empty? This classy camera uses face recognition to notify you (via smartphone) when people it knows are home, and alert you to strangers.

Jawbone ERA headset


Need to make an important call in a crowded place? This Bluetooth headset features military grade NoiseAssassin4.0 technology that eliminates background din.

Wocket smart wallet


This nifty little device stores the data from all your credit/debit cards and imprints it onto one smartcard, PINs and all. It’s biometrically locked for added security, too.

Apple Watch Edition


Apple’s latest baby is getting an OS upgrade with a host of new features. The high-end Edition model, with its specially hardened, 18-carat gold case, really shows off the tech.

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