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Gyr/Schürch:  “We need max strength”

Photography: Lukas Maeder Illustrations: Heri Irawan

A world-class duo on how to win as one. Plus: train like they do  

“Rowers are different from other endurance sportsmen and women,” says Switzerland’s Mario Gyr, who, alongside compatriot Simon Schürch, won the silver medal in lightweight double sculls at the 2013 World Rowing Championships in South Korea. “We always need maximum strength for every stroke. About 60 per cent of what we do to improve our endurance we do in the water, and 40 per cent in the weights room.”

Schürch knows that he and Gyr must match each other exactly if they are to succeed. “We work on our technique to improve our stroke synchronisation, because the more synchronised our strokes are, the more stable the boat is and that means we’re quicker. Your legs are the most important thing in rowing: they generate the most power. As well as up to three hours a day in the water, we’ll work our quads in the gym on the leg-press machine and do squats with a 105kg barbell on our shoulders.”

Not just for rowers! The following workout is a simple way to build quad muscles and balance. Beginners may want stop after step 2 a few times, get used to the movements, and only then progress to step 3

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05/2014 The Red Bulletin

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