Hone Your Phone

Hone Your Phone

Today’s smartphones are slick and stylish, but also a tad boring and samey. Add a twist of tech to tune up your trusty slab

Neato Botvac D85

One day, robots will turn against their human masters, but for now you can command them to collect crumbs from beneath your feet, via your smartphone or smartwatch.


Samsung Gear 360

Samsung’s Gear VR headset brought virtual reality to its Galaxy S7. Now make 360° videos to play on it with this water-resistant, dustproof pocket cam.


Front and rear 180° cameras capture action from every angle with vivid F2.0 fast-shutter lenses, all in VR-ready high-resolution

© Samsung Mobile // YouTube


Turn your phone into a thermal imaging camera. Spot faults under the bonnet, check when your steaks are done, and locate any Arnold Schwarzeneggers hiding in the jungle.


© FLIRONE // YouTube

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