How to get rich overnight

Get rich overnight: These jobs could make you a lot of money

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If you’ve got the stamina to tackle high seas or boozy revellers, there are certain jobs where you can earn a lot of moolah in a short amount of time

Winning the lottery and never having to work again is a dream scenario for many. Unfortunately, it’s more of a pipe dream, given that the chances of hitting the jackpot are just a hair’s breadth from zero.

Instead, your energies are best invested in one of a number of jobs that allow you to earn a lot of money in the quickest possible time and enjoy the rest of the year living a life of relative leisure.

Waiter at Oktoberfest

Two-and-a-half weeks spending most of the day on your feet juggling five full beers in each hand is no easy job. But with enough stamina, during that short period from late September to early October you can make enough money to put your feet up for months afterwards. Cash flows pretty much non-stop in Oktoberfest’s cavernous tents, with a beer – sold in one-litre glasses – due to cost around €11 each in 2017, of which the waiter keeps about ten percent, often alongside a hefty tip.
On most evenings you’ll serve between 100 and 400 beers, as well as food, to the massed merrymakers at their tables, which can bring in as much as €1000 on a good day. Even with an average of 250 beers served a day, you’ll still earn the kind of pay packet that’ll make others envious.

To which we say: cheers!

King crab fisherman

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You’ll have to travel a little further afield if you want to find riches on the high seas. The Bering Sea in Alaska, for example, promises attractive returns – but it won’t be as simple as carrying a few hundred beers a night. Instead, you’ll have to spend weeks negotiating metres-high waves and ice-cold storms, and be lucky enough to catch as many crabs as possible in your boat’s crab pots.
In the end, though, a juicy pay cheque can outweigh the danger and hard work you’ll endure – big enough that experienced fishermen can become considerably wealthy. With a good catch, you can earn over £26,000 for just a few weeks at sea. All with the bonus of being hundreds of miles from anywhere to spend it while you’re out there.

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Working on a drilling rig

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Oil platforms are like small cities in the sea, where up to a thousand people work side by side. Even as an assistant, you can earn good money on one. If you are skilled in a trade that is needed out there, like a cook or electrician, the salary is many times higher than an equivalent position on the mainland.
As a rule, you only work in two-week periods, but every day involves a twelve-hour shift. After that, you can take two to four weeks’ leave at home. Annually, you’ll earn more than £45,000 for only four to six months of work. Accommodation (which can include a gym, games and movie rooms) and food are usually free – as are the helicopter flights back to dry land.

Taxi driving on New Year’s Eve

It’s not easy to get rich driving a taxi, admittedly. On the last day of every year, however, the number of people wanting a lift home often vastly exceeds the number of cabs available. If you can last into the small hours of the morning, you can accumulate well over £450 in fares. Of this, the driver usually takes between 40 and 50 per cent if working for a traditional cab company, but for a ride-hailing app like Uber, this rises to 80 per cent. Given the festive mood of the people you’ll be transporting, you can expect a fair few tips as well. It all adds up to a tidy sum for just a single night of driving.

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