Ireland Basinger-Baldwin

Ireland Basinger-Baldwin breaks out

Photography: DOUG INGLISH

Long in the shadow of the break-up of her film-star parents, the model-turned-actress is ready to forge her own path

When you’re the daughter of a blonde bombshell and a blue-eyed charmer, then you’re likely to inherit some stunning attributes.

For Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, whose parents are Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger and razor-tongued actor Alec Baldwin, her genetic traits are enviable:

She’s a staggering 1.8m tall, with aquamarine eyes and the curves of a Bond girl. But 21-year-old Ireland is also the product of her parents’ rocky divorce and a bitter battle for her custody, which left her with a fractured sense of identity.

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After checking herself into rehab in 2015 for “emotional trauma”, Ireland emerged from the darkness with a stronger outlook on life and a closer relationship with her family. With a healthier head and heart, she immersed herself in her modelling career and embraced a new sense of self-confidence thanks to the encouragement of those around her.

“I never looked in the mirror and thought, ‘You’re so hot,’. It took a lot of other people to believe in me before I could believe in myself.”
Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, 21

And if her Instagram feed is any indication, her admirers clearly believe in what they see: A beautiful, poised young woman unafraid to enjoy life – and have a little fun.

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