Jet setters

Photography: Francois Rigaud/

Harness some serious water power to experience a flight like no other


Adrenalin high: make like a superhero on a flyboard  

In 2015 we’re still a long way from travelling around with Thunderball-esque jetpacks. But until that day comes, flyboarding is the next best thing. Strap onto the board, fire up a 260hp jetski with a hose attached to it, and a powerful stream of water propels you 15m into the air. “Being on a flyboard is the closest I’ll ever get to being Iron Man,” says Frenchman Franky Zapata, the jetskiing champion who invented the flyboard in 2011. “It’s really like having the power to fly, you move around so intuitively.”Zapata is based in Marseille, but the adrenalin highs the sport provides have rapidly expanded it and there are now more than 2,000 centres around the world. 

Once a rider has mastered the basics of flyboarding, the sky’s the limit when it comes to tricks. The jumps and aerobatics you can do in any other board sport are all possible, with one big difference: “There’s no gravity pulling you back down,” says Jordan Wayment, 26, a mentor for young adults from Utah, USA. “You can go up in the air and stay there. The sensation of being propelled by jets of water is pretty special.”

Extreme sports enthusiast and photographer Francois Rigaud discovered the sport online and loved it so much he now runs Atlantic Flyboard in Florida, USA. “When I saw a clip I knew I had to try it,” he says. “It is the jetpack of today. It’s new and it’s a real rush.”



The only way is up: the jets stop gravity pulling you down  

“Being on a flyboard is the closest I’ll ever get to being Iron Man,”
Franky Zapata


Make a splash“Be familiar with the water,” says Rigaud, “be natural. It’s an instinctive sport. If you’re completely comfortable with the water, you’ll be able to concentrate on flyboarding.” 


Advice from the inside: No stress

“You need to keep your legs straight, your eyes on the horizon and the most important thing is to relax,” says Jordan Wayment. “When you tense up you lose your balance. Stand like you’re standing in a queue. Then before you know it you’ll be in the air.”


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