Range Rover Evoque Convertible

The world’s first luxury SUV?

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Pitched as the ‘Four-Wheel-Drive for Four Seasons,’ with the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, manufacturers Land Rover say they’re created the world’s first premium compact SUV 

The UK isn’t always known for bright sunshine and blazing summers but, like going off-road, that’s not an obstacle for Land Rover who’ve introduced a fair-weather alternative to their SUV fleet. And it looks great cruising down highways and byways.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible not only opens its roof, but also a whole new chapter in the SUV story. The SUV convertible combines the advantages of two vehicles together making it suitable for road trips whatever the weather. While usually an ordinary roof-down car only has space for the driver and passenger, the Evoque Convertible fits up to four passengers. And the 4.37 metre long three-door model has the benefit of more legroom.

Beach trip? Now you can bring your mates, and with generous boot space for a convertible, load up the barbecue food

Of course Land Rover’s convertible still boasts all the advantages of an SUV. A trip to the mountains,  the slopes, or over uneven terrain is not a problem.

City slicker? The car makes urban driving a lot more fun. With the top rolled down the SUV convertible is as eye-catching cruising the streets of a metropolitan city as it is leaving the concrete jungle behind to hit the coast.


  • Price: £47,500
  • Transformation in 18 to 21 seconds
  • InControl Touch Pro - Infotainment system
  • Cruise control
  • Lane assistance
  • Parking sensors
  • Automatic parking and blind spot detection

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Transformation in 18 to 21 seconds

A quick change in the weather can suddenly make things uncomfortable. The SUV-convertible needs a mere 21 seconds to block out the storm, and can open and fold the roof while driving at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. And when the sun reemerges, the flat soft top is open again in just 18 seconds. A short stop at the traffic lights should be enough to complete the transformation to top-down coolness.

On board computer

The Evoque Convertible is not only fun on the outside, but it boasts cutting edge tech inside with the InControl Touch Pro - Infotainment system available for installation. On a 10.2-inch screen in the centre console you can choose your music soundtrack, regulate the temperature, search directions and the other important information about your trip including the weather.

Cruise control, lane assistance and parking sensors are available while other nifty extras to choose from include automatic parking and blind spot detection .

Starting at around £47,500, the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, combining the characteristics of a soft-top with an SUV, is both a feat of engineering and built to make a lasting impression. 

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