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Top DJs break new ground at the club that encourages deck hands to delve into their deep cuts

Floor-filling electronic dance music has a tried-and-tested formula, those catchy tunes over big beats, but what happens when star DJs want to change it up a bit? At Sound in Los Angeles, they prefer playing their favourite underground tracks. “Afrojack usually plays his big-room, big-festival sound, but he comes into our club and he’ll play a darker, more underground set,” says Kobi Danan, managing partner at Sound.

The vibe here is different from the blingy velvet-rope attitude at most clubs in Hollywood

The vibe here is different from the blingy velvet-rope attitude at most clubs in Hollywood. “It used to be about standing around looking for the next celebrity, but what’s cool now is dance music,” says Sound CEO Rob Vinokur. What’s also cool is the interior, which matches Caravaggio-inspired fabrics with wood panels from Frank Sinatra’s mansion, so there’s always one celebrity in the house. 

Double Duty

Sometimes you need to adapt to be successful. Here are four musicians who changed genres, and never looked back!

Iggy Pop
Was a blues drummer 
in Chicago before becoming a punk god, proving that heroin really does change people.

Katy Perry
Ever wonder about the ‘Jesus’ tattoo on her wrist? She was a Christian songbird before she became a pop star.

Michael Bolton
Once opened for Ozzy Osbourne before taking the mantle as the mulleted king of easy listening. We’re not kidding.

Darius Rucker
Went from frontman of cheesy soft-rock balladeers Hootie & the Blowfish to a bona-fide Nashville country singer.

Vintage vibe

Hollywood nightspots with old tinseltown style

Charlie Chaplin

Musso & Frank’s Restaurant

It was here that Charlie Chaplin challenged Douglas Fairbanks to a horse race down Hollywood Boulevard. This may be because it has the best martinis in town.

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Avalon Hollywood

It was a theatre in the 1920s, then a radio studio in the ’40s, before evolving into a music venue in the ’60s and staging The Beatles’ first West Coast show.

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Roosevelt Hotel 

Grab a cocktail and look out for the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, who reputedly haunts the place she once lived.

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