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How to get the perfect shot: Life After Beth

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The director Jeff Baena reveals how to get the perfect shot

Zombie comedy Life After Beth stars Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation) as a Los Angeles couple whose relationship transcends the afterlife: she dies in a hiking accident and returns as a member of the undead. Director Jeff Baena reveals how to get the perfect shot:

Jeff Baena

Don’t you hate it when you have to haul an oven?

“We had half a day in LA’s Griffith Park, the second to last day of the shoot. The concern was we wanted to make sure it was that beautiful golden light that you only get for an hour maximum. This location is on my route when I go on hikes.

That day in particular everyone was really nervous because it involved a lot of different elements: stunts, visual effects, special effects, and special make-up effects. Aubrey had that stove harnessed on her – it was fake but still pretty heavy. We had a flatbed truck up there, and every time we would cut she put the stove on the truck so she could stand and take the edge off.”

Watch the trailer of the zombie comedy “Life after Beth” which is out worldwide from August 15

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