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Photography: Dave Tacon, Kai Wang, Artbeat Studios

Bar Rouge is a first-rate nightclub with a superb view of China’s second city. Just stay happy in the queue…

It’s hard to stay on trend in a city as fast-paced as Shanghai. Yet here, where conspicuous consumption is a competitive sport, one club has endured. This year, Bar Rouge will celebrate a decade servicing a well-turned-out crowd with a high proportion of expats. Certainly, location has been key to this place’s longevity. You’ll find it in the Bund, the city’s historic waterfront, and on its splendid terrace you can sip to the backdrop of a spectacular 180-degree view of Shanghai’s skyline – a sight that has changed much in the last 10 years.

Bar Rouge offers views, drinks and expat pandas

Like many high-end clubs, Bar Rouge, has its own caste system, where VIPs occupy tables groaning with prestige alcohol and everyone else waits at the permanently packed bar. The door policy is strict. “But if you arrive with positive energy and a big smile,” says Deniz Otman, the club’s operations manager, you just might get in.”

Rooms with a view

Watch the world worldwide

Gansevoort Park Rooftop, New York 
Clubby twin-level hotel bar, 20 stories above Park Avenue South in the city’s NoMad district, with one of NYC’s best roof pools.


People by Crystal, Dubai
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Rooftop Bar, Melbourne
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Not just noodles

You need plenty of energy to party the night away. Here are some of the Shanghainese must-eats.


Xiao Long Bao

Delicate, soup-filled pork dumplings are a staple of the city’s cuisine. You can find them everywhere from street corners to the finest restaurants.

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Shao Kao

Shao Kao

Shanghai’s street barbecue is popular and a cheap late-night snack. Choose from the vast array of vegetables, meat and seafood on sticks and watch them grilled in front you.

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Chou Doufu

You can’t avoid getting a whiff of this pungent fermented tofu. A Western equivalent is, sort of, salty blue cheese. To find your nearest vendor, just follow your nose.

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