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London’s naked restaurant and more unusual locations

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Food in the nude. Pre-orders at London’s first naked restaurant are already going through the roof. It’s just one of a number of unusual eateries waiting to be discovered…or should that be uncovered? 

London’s first restaurant with an entirely natural eating experience already has almost 40,000 on the waiting list, and it’s not even open yet. And with only a 42 person capacity, it’s a bit of a squeeze…so to speak.

The concept behind the pop-up restaurant is to experience true liberation and escape the trappings of modern life, stripped down and back to nature in every way possible. It will be free from chemicals, artificial colours, electricity, smart phones and, of course, clothes.

Named after a Hindi word meaning “natural”, Bunyadi is set to open for a period of three months over the summer. It’s not only the perfect opportunity to drop your drawers, but also drop the stresses of everyday life and have a truly unique experience.

But Bunyadi is not the only unusual restaurant in the world which requires a bit of courage from its customers… 


If you’ve had your fill of burgers, pizza and fish and chips, get yourself on a plane to Cambodia and treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure at the Bugs Café in Siem Reap. On the menu you’ll find tarantula, scorpion, crickets, caramelised locust and snake.

Why you should go: The food is not only wonderfully tasty but also good for you owing to its healthy fats, fibre, protein, vitamins and essential minerals. It wasn’t so long ago that people thought sushi was gross, so don’t be surprised if bug bars take off here too.


It’s difficult to imagine more beautiful scenery over a meal than that available at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant on Rangali Island in the Maldives. You’ll be 16 feet below sea level, under a glass dome, with 180 degree panoramic views of the coral gardens, eating fine European contemporary cuisine and keeping an eye out for sharks.

Why you should go: While travel websites vary about the quality of the food, they all agree on its unique experience and exceptional surroundings. 


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Why you should go: The view from the top is one you’ll never forget, and because the concept has become such a global hit, you have a choice of world skylines.

The unforgettable experience of Dinner in the Sky began in Belgium and has proven so popular that it has criss-crossed the skies of 45 countries. The idea is simple: 32 fearless diners with a head for heights take a seat at a table and are lifted over 150 feet, and at their service are a chef and waiter to meet their every whim.


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After having a cocktail and ordering your food in a well-lit bar, you’re taken to a table in the dark by your guide/server. You are not allowed to move from there without their assistance; it is pitch-black after all. Your visually impaired server then brings your meal and you dig in, relying only on touch, taste and smell. It’s a sensory and culinary delight and makes using your knife and fork a real challenge.

Why you should go: Eating food without seeing what’s on your plate is a thrilling experience.  It will bring out flavours you’ve never experienced before, but can you guess what you’re eating?

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