These horror creatures really exist

Real monsters:
These horror creatures actually exist

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Some beasts are so frightening that they seem more at home in our nightmares. But whether on land, in water, or in the air, there are creepy creatures among us

There are no such things as monsters, right? These might change your mind. Pictures of a massive spider taken in Australia last year recently resurfaced online and went viral, and this Giant Huntsman Spider in Queensland has truly frightening proportions.

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Could this be the biggest huntsman spider photographed in Australia? Charlotte the spider has been described as a "beautiful, calm spider living in...

Although it is not poisonous, we bet you still wouldn’t want to run into one. With a huge leg span of over 7.8 inches, the spider, given the name Charlotte, was released back into the wild and hasn’t been seen since.

But there are a number of other unnerving organisms that, while you’d have to go out of the way to find them, you wouldn’t want to meet:

  • Giant squid
  • 400-kilo anaconda
  • Vampire bat
  • Goblin shark
  • Giant squid
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Giant squid

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On land, you’re safe from the giant squid but perhaps not in the water. The oceans of the world are home to the massive beast which usually lurks at depths of more than 300 metres. But who knows when one might decide to come to the surface looking for food? That’s just what happened in 2015 when a giant squid strayed into the port of the Japanese city of Toyama. Sightings of sea monsters usually only occur in storybooks, but now there are even video recordings of the animal. Fully grown giant squid can measure up to 13 metres long, but tales of them attacking ships belong in the realm of legends.

400-kilo anaconda

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In the wetlands of Brazil, you might well catch sight of the fearsome anaconda. Although constrictors are usually shy, you shouldn’t annoy them when they are hungry, especially not if you come across one like the specimen that emerged during construction of a dam in early 2016. The beast weighed around 400 kilos with a diameter of one metre and a length of ten metres. A snake that size could easily have eaten a man.

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Vampire bat

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You probably think bats only feed on insects that they pick up in flight. Not so. The bloodsucking vampires of horror stories do exist. And these creatures feed exclusively on the sap of their victims, which are often mammals. The nocturnal fliers target the veins under the skin of their prey with the help of heat-sensitive sensors. You’ll be happy to hear that the vampires are mostly found in the Americas. Although they are rarely larger than ten centimetres, they live in groups which can consist of up to 100 animals. And as if the night wasn’t scary enough, vampire bats hunt in the dark.

Goblin shark


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Imagine you’re on a relaxed dive and suddenly this three to six-metre-long creature appears in front of you. The goblin shark’s frightening features are enough to give any swimmer thrills. In general, they remain at depths between 300 and 900 metres, but they’ve also been found in only 30 feet of water. Goblin sharks are stocked with nail-like teeth which stretch dramatically from the mouth for snapping and biting during feeding.

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