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The Egyptians had hieroglyphics - we have a T-shirt 

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ICONSPEAK are the makers of this ingenious T-Shirt which means you’ll never again be lost for words on your travels. Look what it can do

So you’re in the middle of Vietnam and want to know where there’s a nearby telephone booth? You’ve no smartphone here. You came to Southeast Asia to get away from all that connectivity. And now you’re standing there and nobody understands you. Well, you would been better prepared with an amazing T-shirt from ICONSPEAK - only one or two finger points later and you’d have a receiver in hand.

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Everyone who’s travelled has probably experienced these annoying situations. It was definitely true for three young tourists from Switzerland in Vietnam, only they had a broken down motorcycle

What did they do?

Same as everyone else; used hands and feet to communicate. It spawned an idea: print the most understandable symbols on a shirt to create the most universal dictionary in the world.

Of course, it’s possible to combine the various icons on the T-shirt and you can even formulate complete sentences. Who knows, maybe you can even flirt with a cute local down on the Copacabana, who might otherwise find your clumsy stammer rather unsexy.

Here are some other ideas:

Hey, do you want to take a bike ride in the sunshine? Possibly followed by a night under the stars?
Icons Travel
Damn, I missed the train. Is there’s a bus into town?
Where’s the nearest bar to here? And, would you like to dance?
Party im Club
So … tired … I really urgently need WiFi. Must have Internet to find a hotel room.
Müder Tourist
Do you know what would be beautiful now?  Swimming in a clear mountain lake.
Sprung in Bergsee
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