Thync Headband

four wearables that can save you a lot of time

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They appear to be simple headbands, bracelets and key chains - but looks can be deceiving. These gadgets could put your life on easy street

We all know time is precious and we don’t want it to go to waste. So here are four handy gizmos you can wear to help you work better or free up more space for the really important things in life.

So let’s ring up the curtain for …

  • Thync - Headband
  • Nymi Band - Bracelet
  • Myo Gesture Control - Forearm bracelet 
  • The O - Key chain
Electrocution for the head

© youtube // Thync

At first it might sound brutal but the Thync headband is intended to boost your mood. Low dosage electric shocks are targeted directly to the temple, skin, and neck muscles activating nerves connected to the brain. Rather than causing harm, the company claims the device can both increase energy and promote relaxation.

Depending on the settings, the adrenaline system can be stimulated or the production of stress hormones can be decreased. This is said to help the wearer to work faster with more concentration, and to lower their stress levels.

Never forget your password

© youtube // Nymi

You’ll never struggle to remember your passwords with this smart bracelet from Canadian company Nymi. The Nymi Band recognises each owner’s unique electrocardiogram, or ECG. The wearer is identified by their own heartbeat allowing them to unlock their computer without those annoying logins, for example.

And with its biometric and Bluetooth technology, the band can be used for other things such as paying for food or even opening the car door. Take it off, and it’s deactivated.

Single remote

© youtube // Thalmic Labs

Universal remote controls have been around for a long time but they’ve never looked quite like this. The Myo Gesture Control Armband is like a bracelet that sits on your forearm. It uses slight hand movements to manipulate electronic devices around you. The band recognises your muscle contractions using sensors to carry out functions.

For example, clench your fingers into a fist and you can adjust the volume. Move slightly to the side and you can scroll through on-screen documents. You can even pilot a drone with this futuristic remote control.

Find your keys

© youtube // THE O 

How much time have we all lost looking for our keys or wallet? These things are never where you last left them. Now there’s a solution thanks to The O. This clever accessory will alert you when you’ve left something behind.

It looks like a normal key chain but can be attached to almost any conceivable object. When you move away from the item, an audio signal is delivered via an app on your smartphone. Ingenious, right?

Just don’t lose your mobile…

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