GoPro: Tips & Possibilities

Did you know that you can do these things with a GoPro?

Photo: Instagram/Jonasginter

Fix a camera to your helmet and go for a ride – anybody can do that. The action-cam has so much more to offer

Thanks to increasingly powerful smartphones you no longer need sophisticated cameras to make video recordings. But for rapid footage with a lot of movement, mobiles just won’t do the job.

That’s why companies like US manufacturer GoPro, with their small, robust and waterproof action camcorders, are seeing a boom in demand. It also means the most amazing videos have emerged online.   

Here are a few suggestions to inspire your own GoPro video masterpieces.

Kitty in Space

© Youtube // Lauren Rojas

An American schoolgirl had the brilliant idea to put a Hello Kitty doll in a rocket and launch it into the stratosphere on a weather balloon. The science project produced these incredible aerial pictures that are literally out of this world. If you’re looking for an astronaut’s view of Earth - from 18 miles up - you know it’s possible thanks to this student’s brainwave.  

The Lion King

© Youtube // GoPro

First off, a warning: only copy this if you are a lion whisperer like Kevin Richardson. He has his GoPro strapped to his back with the Sail Video System which makes it look as if someone is following him at every turn. Except no one would actually do that because Richardson likes to go into the lion’s den. There he comes face to face with the majestic animals before he cuddles with them, demonstrating how to get a sensational close-up look at wildlife. But maybe you should practise with a cat first.

Hula Hoop 2.0

© Youtube // Nick Saik

Attaching a camera to a hula hoop seems like a simple idea but the images produced by the rotations are spectacular. It seems like the ring is not turning at all, only the world around it. Get yourself down to the park and practise, practise, practise. Post-production of your footage could prove a problem, however, if you’re prone to dizziness. 

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The drones festival

© Youtube // Eddie Codel

Fastening a GoPro to a flying drone is an obvious choice. But it raises the question, what should you film? How about the Burning Man Festival, the annual gathering on a salt flat in the US state of Nevada? These stunning shots were made with a Hero3 camera on a DJI Phantom drone.

In one fell swoop

© Youtube // Jonas Ginter

Why use one camera when six work simultaneously? You don’t know if you’re coming or going in this mesmerising 360-degree video produced by Jonas Ginter. After much tinkering, he developed a mount for his GoPro using 3D printers. The result is this incredible spherical panoramic film.

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