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Not your grill next door

Forget gas and charcoal: true barbecue connoisseurs use wood to get the best possible taste

From slow-smoking brisket at 80°C to a perfect pizza baked at 400°C, this wood-burning barbecue is the complete outdoor cooking station. By experimenting with different kinds of wood pellet, your food can take on splendid smoky tastes. Fruit woods like apple and cherry give a milder taste; the stronger flavours come from oak, hickory and – harder to find but worth it –mesquite. Every part of the Bob Grillson that gets hot is double-insulated, to keep in more heat. For really remote cook-outs, use the supplied car battery connectors to sub in for mains power. 

4 things that make “Bob” so special:

Holzpelletgrill Bob



Degrees of preparation

Variable heat settings allow you to slow cook for hours or blitz a pizza at 400ºC


Side dishes

Steaks go directly above the heat. Bigger meats, like a whole chicken, go indirect, ie to the side: they cook through better.




Spotless construction

Well, obviously, it’s fireproof, but added durability comes from stainless steel.



Moveable feast

This is no one-place-only BBQ: you can grill on the go thanks to wheels adapted from a golf bag caddy.

Toys of summer

Next-level bbq accessories


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