A love without (speed) limits

One man and his car - a love story for the ages

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It’s not the dog - the car is clearly a man’s best friend. And these stories are the proof.

Whether it’s one of the most famous pop songs in the world, sweethearts who’ve conquered the globe together or a tribute to a great designer; the love between a man and his car has given the world some great tales.

Here are four of them:

1 Paul McCartney and his green Aston Martin

Back in 1968, the Beatles legend wrote the hit “Hey Jude” in this beautiful machine. The celebrated artist had a tape recorder with a recording function installed for moments of exuberant creativity. He penned the song for John Lennon’s son Julian who was suffering at the time over the separation of his parents. The famous car was later bought by Aston Martin and was restored. The tape recorder, however, was removed for safekeeping.

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Paul McCartney with his Aston Martin, 1967. http://bit.ly/1YmT39u pic.twitter.com/aj3QH5OqMb

2 A Bugatti as a memory

The House of Bijan boutique on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles is considered the most expensive store in the world - and it also has a very special tradition. A month after the death of the store owner Bijan Pakzad in April 2011, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport was delivered to his family. The car had been a collaboration between the manufacturers and the designer. To honour his father who counted Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and Vladimir Putin among his customers, each day his son parks the $1.7 million supercar in front of the door. If he can’t manage it, even the manager of the shop assumes the task. 

The car has become a real tourist attraction in LA and is probably photographed just as much as many of the nearby Hollywood celebrities. 

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Seen in #BeverleyHills Bugatti Veyron outside The House of Bijan @nicolasbijan - Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Los Ange...pic.twitter.com/UOIcz0ecK3

3 Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche

The US rocker Janis Joplin first bought a Porsche 356C 1600 speedster in pearl white but a friend helped with the necessary fine-tuning by adding a riot of colour and hippie motifs such as butterflies and flowers. All of her band members were also immortalised in the unique paint job. In her hometown of San Francisco, the Porsche became Janis Joplin’s faithful companion until her death in 1970. At the end of 2015, the sports car was sold at auction in New York for around £1.3 million. Now that’s a real collector’s item. 

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Janis Joplin and her wildly painted Porsche.pic.twitter.com/1WUMF9OYO3

4 Around the world in “Otto” days

The story of Gunther Holtorf and his SUV “Otto” is very special. Over 26 years, the two travelled to 215 countries and covered nearly 560,000 miles. However, most of the time, the man and the machine were not alone. From 1989 until her death in 2010, Gunther’s wife Christine was also on board. The two had met through a newspaper advertisement and Gunther whisked her off on his world adventure before, sadly, finishing the tour by himself in 2014. He finally returned to Germany and brought an end to his impressive nomadic life, his indestructible SUV with all-wheel drive never abandoning him over all those years.

Gunther Holtorf his Wife and Otto the... - Gunther Holtorf his Wife and Otto the Mercedes G Waggon | Facebook

Gunther Holtorf his Wife and Otto the Mercedes G Waggon updated their profile picture.

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