Revolutionary accomodation: AccorHotels and its new brand Jo & Joe

Jo&Joe’s Open Houses:
these are the hotels of the future  

Photography: Accorhotels

Hotel chain AccorHotels is planning to revolutionise hospitality for travellers with its new brand Jo & Joe, combining the best of hostels, hotels and home rentals for an awesome holiday experience

The brand considers itself an “Open House”, and this concept means that both “tripsters” (Jo & Joe guests) and “townsters” (local residents) are invited to hang out together like they would in their own living rooms.

As well as the chance to socialise and eat together, Jo & Joe will lay on a host of events, from concerts to yoga classes and DIY workshops. It is hoped that this will promote interaction and foster positive community living, while the locations will will boast exclusive, innovative designs.

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The style

Jo & Joe has teamed up with the renowned British design agency Penson, best known for creating visionary campuses and venues for companies like Google, PlayStation and Jay Z’s ROCnation. The brand also consulted with potential future guests during the development process to take account of their needs and preferences.

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The rooms

Breaking free from the conventions of standard hotels, Jo & Joe promises to cater for all types of people, whether they’re travelling alone, in pairs, in groups or as a family, with rates starting from around £22 a night:

The “Happy House” is a private area where guests can relax, work, cook or wash their clothes, just like in their own home.

“Happy House“ Accorhotels

The hostel-like “Together” offers rooms with multiple beds that offer private lockers, reading lights and USB ports. Guests also have access to shared recreation areas and bathrooms.

„Together“-rooms Accorhotels

Ideal for small groups and families, “Yours” consists of rooms and apartments for two to five people with a private bathroom, as well as a kitchen area for cooking together.

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“OOO!” stands for “Out of the Ordinary”. These rooms offer unexpected accommodation for people travelling alone or in groups of up to six people, and differ at each Jo & Joe venue. These vary from yurts to hammocks and even caravans.

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The socialising

The social centre of each location, the Jo & Joe bar offers a unique design and is visible from the street to encourage local residents to mingle with the guests. From wine to cocktails, a wide range of drinks are on offer, as well as a selection of local and craft beer products.

Affordable and authentic cuisine is on offer with dishes made from local produce. Whether it’s food from the grill, wok or wood fire, guests are sure to find something to suit their appetite. If any guests fancy themselves as the next Heston Blumenthal or Jamie Oliver, the collaborative kitchen allows them the chance to showcase their culinary skills and share their best recipes.

Food and drinks in the open house rooms planned by AccorHotels's brand Jo&Joe

The app  

Jo & Joe wouldn’t be a hotel of the future without a suitable app. The Jo & Joe community app enables guests and local residents to meet, initiate events, share tips or hook up for meals or walks. Prospective guests can also get a glimpse at what goes on in the Jo & Joe house at the destination they are planning to travel to.

© youtube // JO&JOE

The locations

Jo & Joe aims to open 50 venues by 2020, with locations including Paris and Bordeaux by 2018, as well as Warsaw, Budapest, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

The accommodations are scheduled to open in the heart of each city, as well as being easily accessible by public transport.

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