Pizza delivery by drone

Welcome to the world where your pizza is delivered by drone

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Picture the scene: it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re lying on your sofa working your way through the next hit show. You casually open the window and in flies a delicious warm pizza… by drone

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong (if you’re living in New Zealand, that is). Domino’s Pizza has just announced it will be offering a regular drone delivery service from 25 September, following first trial deliveries in Auckland, which were deemed a huge success. 

Last year, New Zealand became one of the world’s first countries to allow drone deliveries, and pizza will now be one of the first products to fly through the skies, directly to the doorsteps of hungry customers. “We’ve always said that it doesn’t make sense to have a 2-tonne machine delivering a 2kg order,” Domino’s CEO
Don Meij said in a statement.

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If the pizza drones take off (literally and figuratively) across New Zealand to huge demand, it may even make its way to Europe. Domino’s is said to be targeting Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Japan and Australia next.

Domino’s customers in New Zealand will be able to order a pizza on their smartphone, and once it’s been cooked in the oven, boxed up and good to go, the drone will locate them via GPS before heading on its merry way. The small delivery robot moves at a height of around 60 metres, so it won’t be a danger to those on the ground below. Once the drone finds the customer it makes its way back down to land with the warm pizza completely intact and ready to eat.

Big companies across the globe have been using drones as an efficient way to transport goods, but Domino’s claim to be the first company to use them commercially.

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In the UK, Amazon has been working with the British government to test drone deliveries, but the retail giant won’t be allowed to send their parcels buzzing through the air until they can guarantee they’re safe. Ministers are aiming for safe drone deliveries to be ready by 2020 – so watch this space.

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