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Invisible messages written in the pavement that only appear when wet. Rainworks is taking street art by storm

Picture this: you’re walking down the street and it starts to rain. Not often a cause for celebration. Suddenly, the path in front of you reveals a hidden message, a hopscotch grid or a man floating in space. This is Rainworks, rain-activated art.

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The groundbreaking idea comes from Seattle’s Peregrine Church and his friends, and the street art pioneers have had a crazy year since videos of their work went viral. Despite new-found fame, the team’s message remains the same: “We make Rainworks to give people a reason to look forward to rainy days! It’s going to rain anyway. Why not do something fun with it?”

To create the works of art, the group formulated a special invisible spray - a “superhydrophobic coating” - that only shows up when it rains or gets wet. The spray is totally concealed when the surface is dry, it’s easily removable, eco-friendly and biodegradable, and the artwork will typically last between 2-4 months.

Church and the collective are based in Seattle – a perfect location due to it having an average of 300 wet days a year. Following the success of their video, the team began a Kickstarter campaign to finance the creation of their spray for distribution. It launched in August 2015 and by September had successfully raised over $50,000 with 690 backers.

Aspiring artists worldwide can now create their own positive messages thanks to the success of the campaign. Peregrine has been impressed by the results: “It’s so cool. Really excited to see the ideas that other people create. I’ll be like, I could never have thought of that.”

The crew have also created an official tutorial to help people produce their own rain-activated art. There are four videos covering getting started, making stencils, finding a location and installing Rainworks.

icreatenovelty // YouTube

With their innovative method of expression, Church and Rainworks have taken an inspiring idea and made it happen. And the result has been life-changing. 

© icreatenovelty // YouTube

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