René Redzepi

René Redzepi:
The world’s best cook takes on the taco

Photo: Vincent Long
Words: Andreas Tzortzis

Rene Redzepi’s Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, won best in the world four times. But his style trumps any location 

Before seasonal became the byword for every new restaurant hoping to create a mystique thick enough to attract well-heeled hipsters, was foraging alone in Denmark. The trainee from the renowned French Laundry in California was only 25 when he was tapped to head up a new restaurant on the harbour in Copenhagen. His tours yielded seasonal recipes such as carrot sautéed in goat’s butter with chamomile sprigs; or oysters steamed with greens gathered on the nearby beach. 

Food Trends 2017

Peru was recently a big winner at the World Travel Awards , taking home the award for culinary trend country of the year. Its national dish is ceviche, which is a form of chopped, raw fish of different varieties marinated in lime juice and served with onions and other vegetables.

The reaction was unanimous: Restaurant magazine named Noma best restaurant in the world in 2010-12, and 2014. 

Following successful pop-ups in Tokyo and Sydney, Redzepi, 39, and his staff have been touring Mexico, gathering ingredients and ideas, before a seven-week residency in Tulum. Expect a couple of innovative variations on tacos, tortillas and tamales when it opens between April 12 and May 28, but don’t expect to get in. Tickets priced at $600 – sold out within a day.

Rene Redzepi admires Mexican cuisine. Noma Mexico will serve up a multi-course tasting menu 

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