RIP Vine: Four alternatives to the video app

RIP Vine:
4 alternatives to the video app

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Vine, one of the leading video portals of our time, has now been consigned to the trash folder, but these apps could be the replacement

Vine’s major selling point was sharing snapshot videos which were mostly funny short films. This feature proved so popular that it became the leading video application in a very short time. It was also the reason why in 2012, Twitter shelled out $30 million dollars to take Vine on board.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t prevent the gradual decline in growth of the micro-blogging service and the end of Vine was sealed with the decision to shut the app down. Videos of bygone days can still be accessed on the platform but Vine has since been replaced by Vine Camera. The new application also allows users to publish clips in a loop, but only on Twitter. 

However, there’s no reason to put your camera away just yet. 
Here are four alternatives…

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Founded in 2004, Vimeo allows the uploading, sharing and viewing of videos. The app’s focus is obvious from the name; Vimeo is simply an anagram of ‘movie’.

In 2007, it became the first video portal to support short movies in HD quality. It also allows users to transfer videos via Chromecast to larger screens, and save favourite clips to watch individual categories, channels and collections offline. In addition to free domain material, the app allows commercial videos to be uploaded but this requires a paid membership.

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Are you a fan of lip-sync battles? With, you can move your mouth in sync with your favourite songs or amusing movie quotes and capture them all on film before sharing the results with the online community. “Musers” as the users of the portal are called can also use the platform for networking. Instead of the usual applause at a concert, amateur performers earn hearts which are comparable with “Likes” on Facebook.

Although the app doesn’t strictly offer anything new, is currently one of the most popular video applications on the market. Like other celebrated providers, it supports live streaming. And what caused this rise in appeal? You could call it digital nepotism. The app is a spin-off of and both offer cross-platform notifications. 

This means your fans will always receive a message when you press the record button on Apart from a brief description of live streams and the exchange function between the front and rear cameras, the app has few other settings.


Dubsmash is not strictly counted as a video portal as the clips are not made available to an internal community. But while the features are strongly reminiscent of, with more than 100 million users, it is still a much sought-after application. 

Dubsmash still places recording playback videos at the forefront - especially funny movie quotes and short song excerpts. In addition, you can communicate with your friends on dubsmash-via “Dubtalk”.

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