Naomi Campbell by Laspata DeCaro

Fashion’s Reigning Diva

Photo: Laspata DeCaro

A sneak peak at Naomi Campbell’s new Taschen book

For nearly 30 years, supermodel Naomi Campbell has captivated the fashion industry and beyond. Now Taschen is celebrating her iconic career with a signed, two-volume limited edition that includes stunning examples of her best work and a candid autobiography.

Naomi is donating all her proceeds from the book to charity.

© Peter Lindbergh

Campbell was discovered on the streets of her native London when she was 15. “I never planned on being a model,” she explains in the book. Like her mother, Campbell dreamed of being a dancer. But it was her skills at the art of movement that caught the attention of photographers across the globe and made her the first black model to grace the cover of French Vogue and Time magazine. Since then, she has landed hundreds of covers and advertising campaigns, and her dynamic personality—and her infamous temper—has kept her in the tabloids. 

“I don’t think I was born beautiful. I just think I was born me.”—Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell by Matthew Rolston

© Matthew Rolston

“Naomi is part wonder woman and part wonder child. If you asked her how tall she is she would say, ‘Well, today I’m eight feet tall,’ and tomorrow you could ask her and she would say 4’11.” Just like a kid who is always trying to find out who she really is.”
Photographer Bruce Weber
Naomi Campbell by Mark Seelen

© Mark Seelen

 “There’s nothing like her and never will be. Naomi’s just so different. She makes you laugh. Some of that diva shit is really funny. I work with divas a lot, and she’s the best of them because, you know what? Everything works: the hair, the makeup, the body, the style. She’s got it.”
Stylist Patti Wilson
Naomi Campbell by Terence Donovan

© Terence Donovan

“Naomi is the quintessential free spirit. She doesn’t really belong anywhere, but at the same time everywhere she goes is her home. She is eccentric and enigmatic. There is no one quite like her in the world.”
Model Christy Turlington
Naomi Campbell by Ellen Von Unwerth

© Ellen Von Unwerth

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