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Ice Machine - the McLaren 570GT

Shmee150 finds his sportscar heart melting for McLaren’s cool GT

Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, is one of social media’s most-followed supercar connoisseurs. Now he brings that expertise to The Red Bulletin

I’m absolutely boiling. Driving in Tenerife, the sun is beating down on me through the panoramic roof of the McLaren 570GT. It would help if I had the air-conditioning set right, but while I’m overheating, the drive itself remains remarkably chilled. 

The 570GT joins the 570S in McLaren’s Sports Series. But while the latter is sport-focused, this, as the name suggests, is the grand-touring counterpoint. And that means comfort. There’s the hatchback, which adds 220 litres of luggage space, and a slightly enlarged rear spoiler to compensate for the downforce lost from its change in shape.

Softer springs soak up Tenerife’s bumpy roads, and a minutely slower steering rack makes it less pointy than the 570S – but not much.

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Opening it up, though, McLaren’s Active Dynamics Panel has the full range of sports and track modes, stiffening the suspension and increasing throttle response. I’m a 570S man – I like a hardcore driver’s car – but what surprises me is quite how much fun this is; nothing is lost from the basic ride of the S. 

This may just be the one supercar you can use for everything: intensely exciting when you push it, but with a softer, quieter ride that won’t leave you exhausted. And that’s what you want from a GT – a great drive best served chilled. 

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09 2016 The Red Bulletin

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