Kaite Estaba

Showgirl Kaite Estaba’s 5 party tips for a perfect night out 

Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/NickyDigital.com
Text: Andreas Rottenschlager

Kaite Estaba is a New York nightlife top cat with her go-go crew Team Kitty Koalition. Here are her tips for a great night out

1 Be a detective

“So you want to get on the guest list at your favourite club? Find out the name of the party promoter and write them a polite, amusing email. You’d be surprised how often it works.”

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2 Get there early

“The rule of thumb is that the action only really gets started halfway through a club night. The main DJs play between midnight and 4am, but if you’re in the club before then, you can discover some new and exciting acts.”

3 Drink with style

“Barkeepers and promoters know where the best after-parties are. But if you’re so drunk that you can no longer speak, the chances are you won’t be invited.”

4 Sound it out

“You can tell a good club by the quality of its sound system. If you can still talk to your friends even though the DJ is playing at regular volume, you know the sound system is top quality. If your head hurts, then it probably isn’t.”

5 Think analogue 

Technology, gadgets and apps are having an effect on party culture, too; there are plans afoot for holographic go-go dancers and virtual-reality parties. My tip is: leave your phone in your pocket. Look people in the eye, and have fun in the here and now.”

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