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Music, Cars, and Games: We tell you who to follow, friend and find out about online

Hype Machine

This aggregator of new music has remained one of the world’s leading sources of boxfresh sounds for more than a decade because it’s really, really, really good. Follow it and you’ll hear at least one song every day that will make you sit up and pay attention on your snoozy commute.

Hype Machine on Twitter

Album premiere: Yohuna - Patientness. Stream the long-awaited debut LP from NY songwriter @Y0HUNA, on @orchidtapes


Crank And Piston

Don’t follow this account if you don’t like cars, because the Dubai-based bloggers in charge of this popular feed are obsessed with all things automotive. They simply love to post amazing photos of amazing cars, taken by amazing photographers – and who can blame them?

Kill Screen

For 24/7 video game news and reviews, there’s IGN, GameFAQs and GameSpot. For the cool stuff at the cutting edge of creativity and technology in gaming, and to get more than new screenshots and info (although there is some of that), introduce Kill Screen to your Facebooking machine.

BEST OF KS: Don't hesitate to dive into Abzû ...

BEST OF KS: Don't hesitate to dive into Abzû

Social Media Accounts You Need To Follow Right Now No filters, no lighting: just women in their natural glory. What started as a kickback against the digital touch-up now has a following of more than 28 million. The Naked Diaries are an archive of true beauty in all its un-tweaked forms.

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