Supernaturally high

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Defying gravity any way possible. These athletes are on a quest to beat the odds. 

Tacen, Slovenia

After finishing sixth in the men’s canoe slalom final  at the London Olympics in 2012, despite being favourite for gold, Peter Kauser was at a loss as to why. “I cannot find anything that affected my performance and was responsible for me not achieving my goal,” he said, looking back the following year. “I still haven’t found the answer, but I hope I will some day.” The Slovenian slalomer is becoming enlightened, though: he’s since won the World Cup, on a stretch of water about an hour’s drive from where he was born. This image is from practice there.

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Sydney, Australia

Khaled Chaabi is one of the best B-Boys around. You can be certain of his excellence because he’s a member of the Flying Steps, a German crew that has been spinning, stepping and schlepping to international performances since 1993. Three years ago, Flying Steps took old-school street dance to a whole new era: that of Blackbeard the pirate and the invention of the steam engine. In devising a routine to Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier, of 1722, the crew created a truly original culture clash that has been seen all over the world, including here, in Sydney’s State Theatre.

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Milos, Greece

Some say that director Stanley Kubrick and NASA faked Neil Armstrong’s small step/giant leap on elaborate sets at a secret location. What rubbish! If they wanted to mock up the moon landings, they’d have gone to the lunar-like volcanic island of Milos. When the light is right, the one-time home of the Venus de Milo has an eerily off-world look about it. “I’ve been riding everywhere in the world,” says Julien Dupont, the French trials rider, “but I’ve never been riding on the moon. It’s strange: we’re here in Greece, but I felt like I was on the moon.”

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