The 10 happiest countries in the world

The 10 happiest countries in the world

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The UN recently published its fifth “World Happiness Report” detailing where the happiest people in the world are living. Now you can pay them a visit

Since 2012, the World Happiness Report has been assessing the satisfaction of populations around the world. The latest edition looked at 155 countries ranking the ‘joie de vivre’ of its inhabitants. The social systems were analysed and the residents asked for their perceptions using indicators such as freedom, generosity, social support, and income. The following are the ten happiest countries on the planet.

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Place: 9

Country: Sweden 
Points: 7.284

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A high level of education, social equality, and fresh sea air: residents of Sweden have all the conditions for the good life. So, it’s no wonder that the Scandinavian country is level with Australia at number 9 on the list of the cheeriest countries.

Place: 9 

Country: Australia 
Points: 7.284

The huge nation of Australia has a lot to offer, including the largest coral reef on earth. It’s not only the animal inhabitants like crocodiles and kangaroos that feel at home in the country. Likewise, the approximately 24 million people there seem to have every reason to be satisfied.

Place: 8 

Country: New Zealand
Points: 7.314

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The “easy going” mentality, coupled with an impressive landscape consisting of active volcanoes, fjords and pristine forests make New Zealand a beautiful place to live. The World Happiness Report was also of the opinion that the island nation is an oasis of good mood.

Place: 7 

Country: Canada
Points: 7.316

Just ahead of New Zealand, scores in health, freedom and good governance, among others, saw Canada appointed the seventh happiest country in the world. 

Place: 6  

Country: Netherlands
Points: 7.377

Tasty Gouda, short trips on the bike and a liberal lifestyle, it’s little wonder that the Dutch are doing so well.

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Place: 5 

Country: Finland
Points: 7.469

The people in Europe’s eighth largest country practise a lot of sports, drink tonnes of coffee and almost all have a mobile phone. They are also very happy according to the annual UN report and score highly in the area of social support.

Place: 4

Country: Switzerland
Points: 7.494

The Swiss are placed fourth in the report and this is partly due to their high gross domestic product per capita of 80,000 Swiss francs (about £65,000).

Place: 3

Country: Iceland
Points: 7.504

Low income tax and free health insurance are reasons for joy for Iceland’s 320,000 inhabitants, not to mention a certain Euro 2016 campaign. The thunder clappers occupy a well-deserved third place.

Place: 2

Country: Denmark
Points: 7.522

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Medical care in Denmark is largely free of charge. Life expectancy is also high with an average of 80 years.

Place: 1

Country: Norway
Points: 7.537

The World Happiness Report has decided that Norwegians are the happiest people in the world. Among other things, the high gross domestic product of around €92,000 (around £79,000) per capita and a life expectancy of over 81 years catapulted the Scandinavian country to the top with 7.537 points. 

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