The best of the World Travel Awards 2016

The best of the World Travel Awards 2016:
the travel industry Oscars

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The judges selected their pick of the planet’s top attractions, countries and hotels, and the votes are in. The best places to eat, to experience the greatest adventures or simply to have a good time: you can find them all here

Some destinations live up to the promises of their marketing; others fall flat. The same is true of probably the most important part of any holiday: your hotel or other type of accommodation.

To help sort the high flyers from the underachievers, the World Travel Awards were launched in 1993 and are now regarded as the Oscars of the travel industry. Voted for by travellers and travel industry experts alike, here are the pick of 2016’s main winners.

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The most romantic holiday destination in 2016

Happy Jazz Friday from the Lighthouse ...

Happy Jazz Friday from the Lighthouse Restaurant. Have you tried our legendary Lobster Bisque?

If you’re looking for the ultimate place to discover true romance with your significant other, jet off to the Maldives. Set amongst the serenity of the Indian Ocean, it’s here that you’ll find the Baros Maldives luxury resort, on a small, picture-perfect coral island. It has the obligatory – and immaculate – white sandy beach, but the sea life-rich reef it sits by is just as much a feature. As you’re whisked to the resort by speedboat, you’ll spot its row of wooden water pool villas, which seem to float above the turquoise blue sea beside the lush island vegetation – all only 25 minutes from Malé International Airport.

The best tourist attraction 2016

Titanic Belfast - Titanic Belfast updated their profile... | Facebook

Titanic Belfast updated their profile picture.

It’s no shock that Belfast is home to the largest Titanic attraction in the world, as the legendary luxury liner was built in the port city and departed – never to return – in 1912. The six-storey Titanic Experience building opened in 2012 and aims to impress its visitors with special effects, interactive touch screen exhibits and ‘talking’ holograms. The unsinkable ship that sunk continues to fascinate people as much as ever, with a full-scale replica currently under construction in China.

The top culinary destination 2016

You might be surprised to learn that the judges’ pick for best country to travel to for your (breakfast, lunch and) dinner was Peru. Perhaps not so well known by many outside foodie circles, Peruvian cuisine is staking a claim for global prominence with delicate and innovative dishes like ceviche: fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime. For the more adventurous, national dishes such as skewered cow’s heart or cuy – grilled guinea pig – are said to be delicious.

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The best Hotel 2016

Every year the World Travel Awards hand out gongs to hotels in several subcategories, but only one can be crowned the outright best hotel of the year. In 2016 that honour went to Jumeirah at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. The complex consists of five towers, located directly on the waterfront next to the Arabian Gulf. 382 rooms and 199 apartments with hotel services are contained within in the luxury glass-enclosed domicile, which has three swimming pools, a private beach and several chic restaurants and bars.

The top destination for adventure holidays

{12 DEC} #Lejouroù j'ai perdu ma capuche. Torres Del Paine. Chili Ce jour là je m'en souviendrais toute ma vie. Départ pour une grosse randonnée, 8h de marche, environ 19kms et 1200m de dénivelé. Ca va chauffer sévère.. je me prépare mentalement. Le parc naturel est vide, on est hors saison, le fameux trekking W n'est même pas encore ouvert. Il semblerait que la nature ne soit rien qu'à nous. Il est déjà assez tard quand nous partons ducoup il ne faut pas traîner. On est déjà au milieu de la première grosse montée quand je veux ouvrir un peu ma super parka toute neuve spéciale rando. J'ouvre la fermeture je bidouille je ne sais quoi et me voilà repartie. 1h après on fait une pause quand je me rends compte que je n'ai pas ouvert le haut de ma parka mais j'ai en fait détaché la capuche amovible qui a disparue. DRAME. On repart en sens inverse on descends TOUT ce qu'on à monté (et croyez moi on était déjà super loin) on fouille partout mais impossible de retrouver cette maudite capuche. Résignés on repart et on remonte à nouveau tous ces kilomètres et ce dénivelé interminable. Fin de la rando très tard, les jambes dans la neige, à ne plus les sentir tellement elles font mal mais en arrivant on voit ce paysage 😍😍 c'est fou car si tu t'arrêtes quelques mètres avant tu vois rien juste des cailloux... c'est sublime.. on repart, la nuit tombe presque, on est lessivés mais on fonce pour ne pas se retrouver dans la nuit noire. Un moment je tourne la tête, je ne sais pas pourquoi à ce moment là j'ai regardé alors que les mètres d'avant je regardais droit devant moi et à environ 3 mètres sur la gauche du chemin sous un buisson... une capuche marron nous attendait bien sagement... parfois la vie est vraiment bien foutue !! À demain pour une autre histoire ! 😘 ( et merci pour tous vos petits mots sur le calendrier je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de répondre à tout le monde mais je m'y attelle !!)

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If you like your holidays full of action, go to Chile. Judges gave the South American country the award this year due to the landscapes it offers for every kind of adventure: the Atacama Desert, Torres del Paine National Park and the lakes and snow-capped volcanoes in the Andes. Biking, climbing, hiking rafting, trekking – or horseback riding through the Patagonian ice field: the possibilities are almost endless.

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