The DogHouse: the first craft beer hotel in the world

The DogHouse: 
the first craft beer hotel in the world

Photo: Facebook/BrewDog

This hotel boasts brew-based spa treatments, a hot-tub filled with IPA and guests will even find a beer fridge in the shower

If you’re a beer-lover and thinking about where to spend your next holiday, then you should definitely plan a trip to Columbus in Ohio.

Why? Scottish company BrewDog is opening a new craft beer brewery in the city, and plans to create the first craft beer hotel on the same site.

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BrewDog hope to make this all-new, state-of-the-art sour beer facility the “beeriest place on earth”, with 50 well-appointed rooms. Everything will revolve around the amber nectar beverage, and you can even make a small contribution to the project in exchange for some top perks, as the company is seeking crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform to get the hotel built as soon as possible.

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The campaign has been running since early March. The brewery originally sought $75,000 (£61,000) to take a step closer to beer paradise. This goal was achieved in just over 24 hours and after less than a fortnight over 1,000 supporters have enthusiastically backed the project, raising more than $195,000 (£160,000) so far.

BrewDog’s craft beer hotel is set to cost about $6 million (£4.9 million), and is scheduled to open in September 2018.

Beer on tap

The interior of each room reads like a dream come true of every beer-lover. As well as a bulging minibar, there’s also a separate tap where you can pour yourself a cold beer around the clock. You can even enjoy a refreshing beer in the shower, which boasts a built-in beer fridge

© Indigogo/BrewDog

Nothing goes better with beer than a spot of grub, and the hotel’s chefs will prepare craft beer-infused breakfasts, lunches and dinners paired with beer.

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Wellness for men

So you’ve poured yourself a beer in your room and had a spot of lunch. Your next stop is the spa. Once more, beer rules supreme. Forget avocado and sea salt treatments – this spa will include bespoke hop oils designed to emulate beers, malted barley massages and a “hoppy feet” pedicure. After this you’ll get to relax comfortably in a jacuzzi filled to the brim with BrewDog Punk IPA.

Celebration a unique party 

If you decide to support the project, you’ll receive some exciting rewards. For a donation of $30 (£25) you’ll receive a special BrewDog t-shirt. For $40 (£32), you’ll be able to enjoy as much beer from your room tap as you can drink. If you have a spare $5,000 (£4,000), you’ll have the chance to develop your very own sour beer and for $30,000 (£25,000) you’ll be able to book out the entire hotel for a day for the ultimate VIP party.

Most importantly, is the beer good enough?

We all have our own ideas about what makes a good beer. However, BrewDog consistently beats the competition. According to the brewery, it’s the best-selling craft beer in the UK. Next to the hotel will be a new sour beer facility, which will serve all the beers produced in a cozy bar, and offers BrewDog the chance to develop new, crazy recipes and experimental creations without its affecting daily operations.

Welcome to DogTap Columbus. Tonight, we welcome our Equity Punks for the first time!

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