The funkiest Christmas jumpers of the season

Christmas crackers:
The funkiest Christmas jumpers of the season

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Do you live for the lights, the drinks, and the parties of the festive season? Christmas jumpers have become the ultimate Yuletide uniform but these choices are the next level: funny, funky, and downright cool  

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” So says the famous holiday song, and along with the streets thronged with shoppers, the decorated trees, the food, and the nights out, the Christmas jumper has become a huge part of the season of goodwill. They vary from the basic to the crimes against fashion, but then there are others that let you unleash your inner geek, or confess your love for your favourite movies and TV shows.

Here is a sleigh-load of the coolest Christmas jumpers:
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Star Wars

GAME Preston on Twitter

Want a #Christmas Jumper? But want a #StarWars Jumper? Problem solved! Get your Star Wars Xmas Jumpers today!

Merry Sithmas” is the greeting of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader. Even the Empire has to celebrate the holiday, but it’s not just the Dark Side you’ll find adorning knitted Christmas sweaters. Sci-fi fans can also choose versions with the great Yoda or an X-Wing spaceship. Feel the festive force.

Birthday Boy

Randowant on Twitter

Jesus Birthday Boy Ugly Christmas Sweater - Happy Birthday, bro!

It’s the true meaning of Christmas after all, and even the big JC gets his own jumper. You can dress appropriately for the occasion with this “Birthday Boy” pullover.


How about a cult computer game hero from the 90s? An old-school jumper for an old-school gamer. This Sonic the Hedgehog top is perfect for collecting those “five gold rings” from the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song. The spiky haired speedster will make it a good kind of blue Christmas, but your friends will be green with envy.

Street Fighter

From one classic game to another. Do you remember the phrase “Hadouken?” These jumpers with Street Fighter motifs will have you as happy as a child on Christmas morning. You can even choose the battle that suits you best: Ken vs. Ryu, Blanka vs. M. Bison, Guile vs. Cammy or Sagat vs. Chun Li.

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Football teams

Team Christmas jumpers are the merchandise of choice for football players and supporters at this time of year. Arsenal fans have been treated to some ultra-kitschy numbers in recent times and this year is no different, while some clubs’ efforts are so ugly, they’ve become cult. Premier League teams like the Gunners and Liverpool make use of their traditional red and white colours but this elf design from Man City is genius. 


"The Godfather of Metal" has still got it. #ozzieosbourne #thegodfatherofmetal #gizmosweater

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One of the best traditions of this time of year is gorging on Christmas movies. A classic has to be Gremlins. These greasy goblins brought their own brand of monstrous Christmas cheer to a small American town. Now you can revive the film favourite with a jumper that even Ozzy Osbourne can rock around the Christmas tree. But remember, wearing this, maybe you better not eat after midnight.

Game of Thrones

Winter is coming.” The House Stark phrase is one of the most famous lines from TV mega-series Game of Thrones. And for hardcore fans, there’s a matching Christmas sweater. There are even more festive choices from the fantasy adventure out there, including some with the appropriately named Jon Snow.

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