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The internet of things: making everyday life simpler

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Your fridge now talks to your phone, and you can switch on the light while you’re in your car… The light in the house, that is

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 “If This Then That”

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 “If This Then That.” Linden Tibbets wants to revolutionise the Internet of Things with this simple phrase. The world around us increasingly consists of devices fitted out with smart, networked sensors, from your toy drone to the light switch on your aquarium, not to mention the apps downloaded onto your smartphone. 

Tibbets’ IFTTT platform hopes to make this never-ending stream of data manageable for each individual user, with the result that our digital lives become a little simpler, not more complicated.

So IFTTT might connect two apps, for example, and automate their actions. Tibbets will thus make us a little less scared of what the Italian professor of philosophy Luciano Floridi is calling the “infosphere” – the not-too-distant future when our lives will be completely shaped by digital information and any action we perform will generate new pieces of information and interconnect them.

Tibbets’ stroke of genius reminds us that we’ll never stop being active players in the infosphere.

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