The Internet’s wildest auctions

The Internet’s wildest auctions

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From the meaning of life to a kidney stone, in the history of Internet auctions, these are all kinds of crazy

Who hasn’t dreamt of escaping to their own desert island? Well, if you’ve got the cash, Englishwoman Willow Reed has put one up for sale on eBay. The Caribbean paradise Virginia Caye is only 20 minutes away from the coast of Belize and boasts a hut, incredible scenery, its own solar panel system, and beaches where dolphins are common visitors. It can be yours for a starting price of £400,000.

Since the beginning of the online era, there have been many other unusual auctions. Here are six of the weirdest: 

  1. Original Hollywood sign
  2. Lunch with Warren Buffett 
  3. The meaning of life
  4. A cornflake 
  5. William Shatner’s kidney stone
  6. Guinea pig armour
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Original Hollywood sign

Description: Since the legendary letters were dismantled and replaced in 1978, the sign has been bought and sold several times. It was most recently auctioned on eBay by the producer and entrepreneur Dan Bliss.

Price: $450,400

Lunch with Warren Buffett

Description: The US investor and businessman Warren Buffett has now amassed a fortune of $73.4 billion. That’s plenty of reason to ask him for a few handy tips over a lunch date sold at auction. The highest bid was made by the board of directors chairman of the game producer Dalian Zeus Entertainment and the money was donated for charitable purposes.

Price: $2.3 million

The meaning of life

Description: In 2000, the meaning of life was put up for sale - or at least a guide on how to find it. The seller described his unusual offer by saying: “I have discovered the meaning of our existence and I am pleased to share this information with the highest bidder.” For around three dollars, that sounds like a real bargain. 

Price: $3.26

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A cornflake 

Description: It must be quite the feeling to discover a flake in your breakfast in the shape of a US state. But what if you discovered that such a cornflake could be worth over $1000? That was the case for two sisters from Virginia who put it up for auction. And the buyer? The owner of a travel museum. 

Price: $1,350

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William Shatner’s kidney stone

Description: “This takes organ donation to a new level,” joked Star Trek legend William Shatner when he offered his kidney stone for auction on eBay in 2006. It promptly went where no stone has gone before by raising thousands of dollars and the proceeds were donated to charity. 

Price: $25,000

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Guinea pig armour

Description: Who says chivalry is dead? The provider and manufacturer of this suit of armour assured that it “protects guinea pigs in all walks of life.” At one point, the bidding price looked to be over $24,000 before a genuine buyer was at least convinced enough to put a four-figure sum on the table.

Price: $1,150

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