The VIP Menu Items At Fast Food Chains You Never Knew About

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: YouTube/McDonalds

These things are for you if you’re broke with expensive taste

Michelin-Starred restaurants and celebrity chefs might be serving absurdly priced burgers and desserts, but you probably didn’t know that some of your favourite fast food chains have been doing similar. Many chains have gone all fancy on us over the years by adding delicacies like truffle fries or caviar-and-lobster burgers.

Here are five of the most obscure additions that disappeared before they could ever reach mainstream popularity, therefore earning those who were lucky enough to indulge in them an exclusive claim to the unique experience of fast food fine dining.

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McDonald’s Five-Star Dining Experience

Just when we the thought the mythical McDonald’s lobster roll – exclusive to the state of New England – was the most extravagant item on Ron’s menu, we uncovered Tokyo’s M Restaurant, a fine-dining McDonald’s experience. It only operated for a single night in 2015, with a VIP guest list of 20 people treated to a five-course meal that included Vichyssoise Mac fries, a made-fresh craft Big Mac, a salad cased in gelatine, beef/chicken/fish hors d’oeuvres on toothpicks and a deconstructed Oreo McFlurry. Alas, there the Happy Meal wasn’t on offer.

Burger King’s Bling Burger

Burger King unveiled the Bling Burger in London in 2008. It was a wagyu beef burger cooked in Cristal Champagne and served with white truffles and Iranian saffron, and topped off with a truffle bun. At US $139, it was the most expensive burger in the world at the time – and rightly so, because it was created to raise money for charity. 

Wendy’s Lobster Caviar Burger

Sixteen dollars for a burger is hardly expensive by today’s standards, but by Wendy’s pricepoints, it’s a fortune. The Lobster & Caviar Surf ’n’ Turf burger and the Foie Gras and Truffle Sauce Burger were sold exclusively in Japan as an attempt to win market share there. Customers were reportedly far from disappointed, so perhaps it should be included in the US chain’s regular menu.

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Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Donut

This Krispy Kreme donut was advertised as having “24-carat gold-leaf frosting, edible diamonds, gold-dusted white-chocolate flowers and Dom Perignon jelly,” and a dozen of them cost more than US $16,000. At US $1,685 a piece – about the same price as 2,000 glazed donuts – the Luxe Donut was sold in London’s Selfridges and came with a raspberry-and-passion-fruit cognac cocktail.

Dominoes Kobe Beef Steak Pizza

Another limited-edition VIP menu item in Japan, the Kobe Beef pizza comes in at the same cost as about 12 Hawaiian pizzas (US $60) and features the delicacy that is marbled beef, combined with boutique steak sauce, potato and onion. But we’re not sure we’d trust the usual Dominoes chefs to prepare and cook this beef with the delicate hand required.

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