The most stylish designer hotels in the world

The most stylish designer hotels in the world

Photo: Facebook/Armani Hotel Dubai

Why only design clothes when you can create entire hotel chains?

They’re usually known for dreaming up dresses, jewellery or suits but many fashion designers want to branch out and make their mark in other areas too.

The current trend: own hotels. Visitors have been welcomed into specially-designed buildings by icons like Giorgio Armani and Donatella Versace and they’ll soon be joined by old masters like Karl Lagerfeld showcasing creativity in wood, marble and concrete.

These are the flashiest designer hotels in the world:

  • Palazzo Versace Hotel and Resort
  • L’Hôtel Marrakech
  • Armani Hotel
  • Bulgari Hotels & Resorts
  • Planned: Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resorts
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Palazzo Versace Hotel and Resort
Dubai - Donatella Versace  

Just when we thought it was the start to another

Just when we thought it was the start to another long week, we were greeted by this charming suite that transported us back to Italy in an instant. #LivingPalazzoVersace #InspiringLuxury

In memory of her late brother Gianni, Donatella Versace designed the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast of Australia. Recently an even more impressive hotel opened its doors in Dubai calling itself one of the most luxurious in the Middle East. The magnificent building, its interior, and furniture are designed by Donatella, boasting the look of an Italian palace from the 16th century with an Arabic touch.

Feels like the long weekend never ...

Feels like the long weekend never ended. #LivingPalazzoVersace #InspiringLuxury

The 215 hotel rooms and 169 private residences appear in the style of Gianni’s rock-baroque palace in Miami. Built for almost £515 million, as guests enter the building there is a lobby of exquisite marble while in the rooms there are fabrics with falcons and peacocks and the Medusa logo adorns cushions and glasses. It’s in the fine details that this hotel really screams Versace.

Wake up to a #Versace life everyday in your own

Wake up to a #Versace life everyday in your own private residence you can call home. #LivingPalazzoVersace

L’Hôtel Marrakech
Marrakech - Jasper Conran

The British designer Jasper Conran is famous for his work for Lady Diana but he had already designed many womenswear collections and founded the predecessor to London Fashion Week. In early December 2016, he opened his own hotel after buying a 19th century Moroccan riad in Marrakesh and designing it according to his wishes.

L'Hôtel Marrakech - Casabanca Suite

L'Hôtel Marrakech - Casabanca Suite

L’Hôtel Marrakech includes five suites which surround a patio with a garden and swimming pool. The interior consists of traditional materials while the rooms are furnished with antique furniture, textiles and art from Conran’s own collection. According to the owners, the hotel’s “simple whitewashed walls, high, painted wooden ceilings, warm, soft, relaxing colours and uncluttered decor give a relaxing feeling of magic and tranquillity.”

L'Hôtel Marrakech - Fez Suite

L'Hôtel Marrakech - Fez Suite

Armani Hotel
Dubai - Giorgio Armani

The name Armani stands for luxury and the Italian has designed his hotels in Milan (since 2011) and Dubai (since 2013) according to that motto. The “World Luxury Hotel Awards” voted the venue in the Arab Emirate as the best hotel in the world. Located with excellent views of the unique Burj Khalifa, the designer has applied his minimalist style and shapes to the 160 fine guest rooms and suites.

Experience a different style of hospitality in ...

Experience a different style of hospitality in one of the world's most exciting cities under the contemporary influence of global fashion icon Giorgio Armani this Eid. To book, visit

Seven innovative restaurants pamper visitors’ taste buds with food from across the world map, while guests can splash out on a creation from the hotel’s own Armani stores.

This Eid al-Adha enjoy a Stay with Armani for ...

This Eid al-Adha enjoy a Stay with Armani for the ultimate in luxurious living. For more information and bookings, please visit

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Bulgari Hotels & Resorts
inter alia London - Family Bulgari

Even luxury goods makers Bulgari have firmly brought their style to the hotel business. The brand has already opened buildings in Milan, London and Bali. In 2017 they’ll be followed by hotels in Shanghai, Beijing and of course Dubai. In Milan, the building is located in the heart of the city, the resort in Bali is built on a cliff, while in Shanghai the hotel is located in a 40-storey high-rise.

True luxury is a multi-dimensional experience ...

True luxury is a multi-dimensional experience, appealing to all the senses. Our suites employ the finest materials on earth, including marble, silk fabrics and more to completely ensconce you in absolute refinement every moment of the day.

There is a common flair to the interiors and in all the accommodation, the architects were at pains to realise the Bulgari style and combine contemporary design, magnificent craftsmanship and artistic details.

Bulgari Hotel is the result of a complete ...

Bulgari Hotel is the result of a complete, immersive design process, in which every element has been hand-selected. From the art to the architecture of the building, and from the furniture to the fabrics, the design is the culmination of rigourous consistency and uncompromising exactitude.

Planned: Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resorts
Macau - Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest fashion guru who wants to break into the hotel industry. With “Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resorts,” the Hamburg-born designer aims to expand his artistic vision to hotels, restaurants and private clubs.

ODYSSEY by Night ! Dès aujourd'hui et tous les ...

ODYSSEY by Night ! Dès aujourd'hui et tous les soirs à partir de 19h30 pour un apéritif ou un dîner à la belle étoile en plein cœur de Monte-Carlo ! ------------------------------- ODYSSEY by Night! From tonight and every day starting 7.30pm for a drink or a dinner beneath the stars!

Kaiser Karl” has already collected a wealth of experience. He designed lobbies for projects in Toronto and Miami, hotel rooms in Singapore and Paris and the “Odyssey”, a pool and recreation area in the Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo. His first private hotel is set to open in Macau next year.

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