ISPO Brandnew: Innovative Sport-Gadgets, Teil 2

The Red Bulletin Innovations Guide - Part 2

These ISPO BRANDNEW award-winners are all contenders to be your next favourite gadget. Part 2 
ISPO Brandnew: Summer Hardware
The Winner


What is it? The Flying Tent: a bivy tent, protection from the elements and hammock all in one. 

What does it do? Sometimes a downpour comes out of the blue and you need a dry refuge as quick as a flash. This 1.6kg pop-up tent, with its patented fibreglass pole system, goes up in just a few seconds. You can also use it as a hammock, a rainproof poncho, or a hanging tent between two trees. 

When can we get it? You can take cover now.


The Red Bulletin Innovations Guide - Part 1

Innovative fitness gadgets and sport clothes bring in the fun. Read more about the ISPO winners on The Red Bulletin - The international men's active lifestyle magazine

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What are they? The No More Black collection of neoprene wetsuits by Kos. 

What do they do? They offer a dazzling alternative to all-black diving suits. Artists from all over the world have provided designs that ensure you’ll stand out wherever you are. Predatory fish might even be frightened off by some of them. 

When can we get them? Available now.

Kos-Suits - Новая коллекция совсем скоро! | Facebook

Новая коллекция совсем скоро!

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ISPO BRANDNEW: Accessoires
The Winner


What is it? The YoYo Mat – a mat that rolls itself up. 

What does it do? It’s a problem every fitness fan knows all too well: you put down your exercise mat, but it won’t lie flat. Then you try to roll it back up and it’s all over the place. The YoYo Mat puts an end to all that – it works just like a slap bracelet. 

When can we get it? Out now in the US

© Youtube // YoYo Mats

3 more finalists in this category
The Winner

noble goals

What is it? The educational programme Football for Life (F4L) provides support for disadvantaged children in the Philippines through sport

What does it do? The cataclysmic Typhoon Haiyan battered the south-east Asian islands in 2013. In the province of Tacloban, which was almost totally destroyed, F4L is giving back the youngest victims a small part of their carefree youth with regular football sessions. The hope is that the children will then be able to transfer their passion for sport into other areas, too, including their schoolwork. 

When will it be available? The programme has already directly helped almost 1,000 children. ­



Football 4 Life

ISPO Munich

February 5-8, 2017

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