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The scariest deep-sea creatures 

Photo: Twitter/Roman Fedortsov

What lies beneath? This deep-sea fisherman’s account is the stuff of nightmares

If hell existed - and was located under water - it might look like the Instagram account of Roman Fedortsov. Using the social platform, the fisherman in the Russian port of Murmansk shows the world the incredibly creepy creatures that live below the ocean’s surface.

Countless photos depict alien-like organisms, one more sinister than the other. Who would have thought that sea critters could look so scary? Be warned. If you’ve just eaten, you might want to let your food digest before reading on.

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In fact, it all started relatively harmlessly on Fedortsov’s social media accounts. Initially, he would post photos of ships and even some cats on Instagram. Then every so often he shared some pictures from his workplace where he photographed freshly caught sea creatures.


Eventually, the fishermen noticed that his follower numbers rose sharply with each additional snapshot of what he branded an “accident in a genetic laboratory.” Since then, the Russian only includes deep-sea monsters on his accounts.

Many of the creatures reside at depths between 200 and 1000 metres - a region known as the “Mesopelagic.” Most of the fish living in this zone are either black or red in colour. This area gets very little light and as neither black nor red reflects light rays, the fish are well camouflaged in the darkness. 

2,000 metres is beyond the reach of sunlight and down to these depths some bacteria and fish produce slithers of light in the form of bioluminescence, like this Anglerfish.

Чего только не попадается в трал

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Even the experts are unable to name many of the species in Fedortsov’s posts. While it’s a huge pity that these animals end up in fishermen’s nets, the images offer a glimpse of the wonders nature has to offer.

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As the photos also prove, we still know very little about the creatures that cavort in the depths of the sea. But by following Fedortsov’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, maybe we can learn a bit more.

Морской #паук. Надеюсь не ядовитый:)

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