Batman motorbike concept you need to see - by Mehmet Doruk Erdem

Check out this shark-inspired concept bike

Words: JJ Dunning
Images: Mehmet Doruk Erdem  

This stunning BMW Titan is the brainchild of Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem.

Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem has come up with this stunning, hyperfast motorbike concept.

Called the BMW Titan, Erdem’s bike features an enclosed cockpit, huge rear-tyre, and a front end that draws inspiration from a shark’s “hydrodynamic” shape.

The intention is to conceive a bike that could smash the world motorcycle land-speed record.

Altogether, the whole thing makes us think of The Batpod, the Dark Knight’s sweet ride in the Christopher Nolan films.

Of course, Batman sits on top of his motorbike, rather than cocooned inside of it. But, whatever – our desire to bomb around in this hypothetical BMW and beat up some baddies remains.

Mehmet Doruk Erdem's design is inspired by the "hydrodynamic" shape of sharks.

Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s design is inspired by the “hydrodynamic” shape of sharks.

© Mehmet Doruk Erdem

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Mehmet Doruk Erdem's BMW concept bike places the "rider" in an enclosed cockpit.

Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s concept BMW motorbike places the “rider” inside an enclosed cockpit.

© Mehmet Doruk Erdem

The current motorcycle land-speed record was set by Rocky Robinson in 2010.

Robinson managed an average speed of 376mph across Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats in his Ack-Attack Streamliner. You can watch his heroic run below.

TV personality and biker Guy Martin was due to try and beat Robinson’s record in 2015. Martin was chosen to pilot the 1,000bph, 400mph Triumph Rocket III Streamliner, but the attempt was postponed when he suffered several broken bones at that year’s Ulster GP. 

On 1st August 2016, Triumph announced Martin would be making an attempt on the record later that month.

Rocky Robinson set a world land-speed record of 376mph with his Ack-Attack Streamliner in 2010.

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