V8 Hotel, car bed

The Most Bizarre Lodgings Around the World: Part 3

Words: Larry Bleiberg
Photo: The V8 Hotel


Get your motor running: V8 Hotel

It’s usually not a good thing when you’re forced to spend the night in a car. (Think: A soon-to-be ex-girlfriend locking you out of your flat.) But at the V8 hotel at Stuttgart, Germany’s former airport, you’ll find full-size beds cleverly placed in the bodies of a Volkswagen Beetle, Cadillac Coupe de Ville and classic Morris Minor. It’s the perfect spot for folks visiting Motorworld, a vintage-car destination with autos on display and for sale.

And if you’re really feeling like a Grand Prix night, rent the Mercedes Suite, which is set in the former air-traffic control tower. It’s much more comfortable than a Hyundai. v8hotel.de

V8 Hotel, car bed

© The V8 Hotel

Yurt on the range: El Cosmico

Outer Mongolia and West Texas now have something in common — the chance to sleep in a yurt. But trust us, you’ll want to pick the Lone Star State’s. The 22-foot model at El Cosmico has electric lights and sockets, a wooden floor and a roomy queen-size bed.

And there’s plenty more to do in this quirky compound located in the state’s remote artist colony of Marfa. A hammock grove and wood-fired hot tubs both welcome lounging around. And if you want to mix things up, you can spend the next night in a teepee or vintage trailer. elcosmico.com


Yurt, west Texas

© El Cosmico

Cocoon Life: Free Spirit Spheres

Hanging out in the woods takes on a whole new meaning when you check into Free Spirit Spheres, a British Columbia eco-resort where giant sleeping pods dangle from trees.

After climbing a staircase or crossing a swinging bridge, guests arrive in the lap of luxury with heating, fridge and wired iPod speakers. One sphere even has a private outhouse. But you might want to check out the forecast before checking in. These rooms sway in the wind, which could make your room feel like a yo-yo in a storm. freespiritspheres.com


Free Spirit Spheres

© Free Spirit Spheres

Park your caboose: Featherbed Railroad B&B

If you ever had a thing for Thomas the Tank Engine, make tracks for the Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast, which keeps its trains permanently parked.

The themed cabooses show what you can do with a little imagination. They come with themes like Mardi Gras and Casablanca, and are kitted out with Jacuzzis, bars and, in the Easy Rider room, a full-sized mirror over the bed. Remember, if the caboose is a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking. featherbedrailroad.com


Train, Railroad bed and breakfast

© Feather Bed Railroad

Barrels of fun: Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

A free bottle of wine is usually a welcome gift, but it feels a little stingy when your room is a wine barrel bigger than a truck. Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren rents out four converted casks, which each held 14,500 litres of booze. The containers, imported to northwest Holland from Switzerland, now have a bed, sitting room, bathroom and shower.

And the nice thing is that even if you over-indulge at dinner, when you wake up in a room that once held a lagoon of alcohol, it will seem like you hardly drank a drop. hotel-vrouwevanstavoren.nl/



Wine cask room, Switzerand

© Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Out to sea: Solent Forts

Pack everything you need before checking in to No Man’s Fort. The Victorian-era garrison, located more than a mile off the Isle of Wight, England, can only be reached by boat or helicopter, so there’s no stepping out to pick up a phone charger or toothbrush.

The remote site, now equipped with nightclub, laser-tag arena and lighthouse penthouse, was built to fight off a French invasion. But since you were probably looking at YouTube during history class, you may know it from a classic Dr. Who episode involving an attack from some seriously cheesy Sea Devils. solentforts.com


Solent fort hotel

© Solent Forts

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