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Oh so trendy vacations spots

Words: Josh Rakic
Photography: Wikipedia / Creative Commons

The places people most want you to know they’ve visited this summer.

Instagratification knows no bounds or boundaries. People will literally travel to the ends of the earth to get the perfect pic. And with summer over in the northern hemisphere, we thought we’d take a look at some of the biggest trending vacation spots of the year so far. 


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Newcomer of the Year - Iceland, The Blue Lagoon

Iceland is hardly the first country that comes to mind when conjuring up summer vacation ideas but this summer the geothermal pools of The Blue Lagoon have been trending hard. Mud-faced holidaymakers have been posting pictures aplenty at the spa, which also features waterfalls and volcanos nearby to make for one of the best all-rounder vacations available - comfort and adventure combined.

Where is your favourite spot at Blue Lagoon? #BlueLagoon #Iceland

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The Designer Getaway - Amalfi Coast, Italy

There’s no doubt the Italian coast is up there with the most beautiful regions in the world. A jaw-dropping landscape, stunning beaches and food even a runway model would succumb to.

It’s long been a European getaway but in recent years - and especially the past couple - has become a mecca for international weddings and tourists eager to line up in their hundreds to experience what’s left of the serenity.

This view, although I see it every day, never gets old 💙 by @nikinpos for #amalficoast_

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The Classic - St Tropez, France

France is still the place to be, despite the some of the negative headlines the country has been getting this year. Nice and St Tropez were once again the major tourist destinations this summer. More than 200,000 posts were tagged at St Tropez alone. 

.simple vs decadent #sainttropez #france #holiday #travel #port #decadence

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Most Popular Destination - Santorini, Greece

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and the bright white hills and crystal blue waters of Santorini didn’t disappoint this summer. Santorini had four times the amount of tagged posts than even St Tropez or Amalfi this year, and rightly so. The place is paradise, easy to get to and less crowded than most of its European rivals.


Boutique Vacation of the Year - Turks and Caicos

A collection of islands situated between The Bahamas and Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos is to the Caribbean Islands what The Bowery and Petit Ermitage hotels are to The Hyatt - the classier, boutique alternative. For those reasons, it’s become a big trend in 2016 for photo shoots and celebs alike. Better yet, the diving and sea life is nothing short of spectacular. 

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