Adidas Power Soccer 98

The best of the worst 

There have been some truly amazing football games, but where there is greatness, there is also failure. Here are some of the worst football video games ever made 

We’ve all enjoyed basking in the glory of pulling off the perfect counter-attack, or getting your tactics right to defeat the best of the best online, but along the way to greatness we’ve also had to endure some eyebrow-raising, head-shaking attempts at the beautiful game. Here are a few games which made us want to consider handing in a transfer request. 

For the sake of fairness we’ve decided to only look at games from the Playstation era (you can’t knock a Commodore 64 game for at least trying) and we’re also leaving out all handheld attempts for the same reason. 


Actua Soccer

We’re not going to pick one particular game in the series, but the whole franchise itself. It is one those games everyone had when the Playstation first came out, and it initially did quite well, because, well, there wasn’t much else to choose from.  Compared to the greats it was bland, boring and not that easy to play. 

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Adidas Power Soccer 98

This game was a bit like a Spurs or Liverpool signing. Looks good on paper and costs a fair chunk of money, but you’re desperately left wanting when it comes to the crunch. The game was saved only by its slick intro videos and Adidas branding. Apart from that, it was an extremely frustrating affair with an awful game engine and controls. 


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Pure Football

**Shakes head for 15 minutes in despair** This one has widely been quoted as the worst football game ever made. Generally 5-a-side games don’t play as well as other football games, but the decision to add in slow-mo shooting à la Max Payne, smoke trails and over-the-top silliness make it even more difficult to believe the “authentic football” claim. 

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Mario Smash Football  

Don’t quit your day job Mario, PLEASE STOP DOING THIS TO US.  Granted, if you want to have a quick bit of arcade fun or you want to get your kids into the sport then this isn’t a bad place to start, but it’s just not football. The chubby little Italian plumber simply can’t cut it in the elite of football games, it’s a bit like watching your favourite pub team play on a Sunday morning after a heavy night out, entertaining because of its sheer lack of footballing quality. 

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