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These are the 5 best places to wait out the next few years

Words: Lena Kouyoumdjian
Photos: Pixabay/Noel_Bauza

This is the last article referring to the state of global politics you need to read

History glorifies people who choose to fight. Those citizens who put their necks on the line, who stand their ground, who refuse to see the glass as anything but half full. But what about those who accept what they can’t change, acknowledge that it’s all a bit much and take a satisfying nap? Shouldn’t they be glorified, too, simply for bucking convention? 

If the current political climate has you feeling in need of a long nap, then maybe it’s time to get off the grid for a bit. There’s no shame in hiding out until order is restored. 

Here are five excellent locations to wait out the next few years if you’re feeling like you need to escape the real world. 

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Northern Alaska
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© Getty Images/Patrick Endres

If you’ve ever thought about going off the grid, and pictured what that might look like, your brain was probably showing you a slideshow of Northern Alaska. Lush, wild and full of animals, this is the place to buy a piece of land and live off of it. And, as you cook the wild salmon you caught earlier that day as the sun starts to set into a spectacular sunset, the CNN alerts on your phone will quickly fade to a distant memory.

sunset, mexico, tijuana

© Wikimedia

Tijuana is the quintessential spot for anyone on the lam looking to hide in plain sight. But the great thing about here is that you don’t have to give anything up, like, say, your big-city ways. In recent years, Tijuana has experienced what can only be called an art and food explosion, putting it on the map as a cultural destination. 

Breitenbush Hot Springs
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© Courtesy of Breitenbush Hot Springs

Known by locals as simply The Bush, Breitenbush Hot Springs is a workers-owned resort about 100km away from the nearest metropolitan area. It’s the perfect place to get away if your goal is to treat yourself. With geothermal hot springs, spiritual activities, and an emphasis on sustainability, you’ll be feeling restored, balanced, and ready to be an optimist again in no time. 

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denmark, travel, adventure

© Flickr/Kieran Lynam

Also known as Freetown, Christiana is located on a scenic borough of Copenhagen, Denmark. Once an old military base, it’s a self-governing town of about 850 people, and it’s a vibrant scene of people, art and anarchist spirit. Since it was started as a social experiment, it’s a great place for sharing those progressive views that got you into so much trouble with the older members of your family on Facebook.

Greater World Community
earthship, house, escape, outdoors

© Wikimedia

The Greater World Community is a complex of earthships in New Mexico, USA. They’re little homes nestled into the ground for near-enough off-the-grid living, with minimal reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels. These houses let the stunning views take top billing, with cool interiors just under the earth’s surface. By reducing your carbon footprint, you get to feel good about yourself for picking up some of the slack left by the country’s Environmental Protection Agency.

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