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The most absurdly priced stuff in the world 

Words: Josh Rakic
Photo: @alrakiacom/Instagram

Splash out with a $5000 burger or a $2000 bottle of beer. Which of thse things would you drain your bank account for?

We’re not all Ryan Gosling, blessed with dapper good looks, charm and acting chops to match the best. Sure there’s crossfit and plastic surgery to attempt a remodel of yourself, but why waste money on such trivial things like health and personal appearance when you can splash the cash on this everyday stuff to win the affection of whomever you please – should they be so shallow.

Here’s how to live large with the most expensive stuff on the planet – all prices in US dollars. 

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Beer: Antarctic Nail Ale ($1,815 a bottle)

You might think the price of this beer relates to export costs from the glaciers of Antarctica all the way over to Australia to be brewed. But you’d be wrong. It’s because the beer is brewed with untouched Antarctic ice and the fact that each bottle is auctioned off to raise money for Sea Shepherd, a charity which fights against whaling. There’s a more expensive beer that comes in at over $5000, but at 150 years old, Allsopp’s Arctic Ale is undrinkable and therefore useless. 

Scotch: Macallan ‘M’ ( $631,850)

In a hand-blown glass decanter that took the work of four men, this 77-year-old matured single malt remains the most expensive scotch ever, after selling at auction for the price of a decent-sized house. There’s only one known bottle in existence, but it’s said to taste somewhat raisin-y, with touches of cedar, citrus and a tobacco finish. 

Burger: FleurBurger at Fleur in Las Vegas ($5000)

There are few things in Las Vegas your significant other would condone throwing away $5000 on, but losing it all in a slot machine is actually less likely to ruin your relationship than admitting you wasted it on a burger – when drunk. The FleurBurger available at the Mandalay Bay Casino is just that burger. With kobe beef, a tonne of truffles and keepsakes in the way of a bottle of Petrus and Ichendorf Brunello glasses, it justifies its price. Not really. But at least you’ve got something to console you after your separation.

Wings: Belon’s foie gras-stuffed wings ($35 a piece)

You’re going to need some wings to go with that burger and beer. You’ll also need to chopper them in from Belon, a French restaurant in Japan, and if you thought the price was rough, consider for a moment that these glazed flappers are stuffed with rare mushroom and foie gras.

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Dessert: Golden Phoenix Cupcake ($1007)

With edible 23-karat gold frosting, this cupcake is expensive by even Dubai standards, where it’s sold at Bloomsbury’s. Also made with Italian cocoa and Ugandan vanilla beans, this thing’s as pretentious as it expensive. Yes, there are more expensive desserts – like Serendipity 3’s $25,000 frozen haute chocolate – but we draw the line at inedible gold spoons and diamond-encrusted bracelets.

CarKoenigsegg CCXR Trevita ($4.8 million)

If you’re gonna splash $4.5 mil on a Lamborghini Veneno, you’re still going to end up second best - making the $4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita your only option in an effort to be the most reckless with your money. The Swedish creation is nicknamed the “diamond on wheels”, and looks the part with its carbon weaved body work - but drives a little better than hyper compressed coal. And at 1018 horsepower and hitting 0-200 in 8.5 seconds, it’s quick to impress. But only two exist in the world.

Watch: Patek Philippe Super Complication ($11 million)

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Nothing says rich/pretentious like a pocket watch in 2017. And this 18-karat Patek Philippe designed for banker Henry Graves Jr. in 1933 has it all - 24 mechanical features including a different chronological function for each hour of the day and an $11 million price tag.

Shoes: Tom Ford slip-ons ($2,000,000)

More than 14,000 diamonds make up this pair of kicks, some Tom Ford soles pimped out by custom jeweller Jason of Beverly Hills for this one-off pair. Worn by Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent, the shoes allegedly took 2000 hours to make. Guinness has since confirmed them as the most expensive shoes in the world. Also among the ugliest.

Boat: The Streets of Monaco ($1,000,000,000)

A concept superyacht that’s allegedly been in production for some six years, this billion-dollar motorized island is like no other - its multi-layer deck a literal recreation of Monaco and its Grand Prix circuit, complete with scale go-kart track. It’s a city unto itself, with replicas of all of Monaco’s most iconic hotels and buildings. With seven VIP guests suites and countless ball rooms, offices and dining areas, it requires 70 staff to operate.

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