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This pimped-out superjet is the ultimate extravagance

Words: Josh Rakic
Photos: Courtesy of DesignQ

A Saudi prince threw down 500 million dollars to build a flying mansion

Superyachts and supersubs are all well and good for cruising around an island or two on vacation, but if you actually want to get to your destination quickly, you’re going to need a private jet

Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia splashed out a whopping US $500m for the world’s biggest, most expensive and most insanely luxurious private jet: the Airbus A380 Grand Palace. His A380 was so huge and extravagant it made Donald Trump’s private jet, which is worth around $100m, look like a scale model of a commercial carrier. 

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The plane cost $300m off the factory floor, but Prince Talal considered it too subtle so he opted to carry out a $200m remodelling of the interior that featured more gold than Tutankhamun’s tomb. 

There’s a parking spot for his Rolls Royce, a concert hall with a capacity of 10 that comes complete with a stage and a grand piano, and a steam room, spa and the ‘magic carpet’ of flat-screen TVs built into the floor which project what the plane is flying over and mimics a glass floor. It also features four king bedroom suites, a dining room for 14, and a prayer room. There’s even an elevator.

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But here’s the thing: no one’s ever seen it, just the renderings. Apparently Talal offloaded it to another billionaire – name undisclosed – and photos are yet to surface of the finished product. Oh well, in the meantime he’ll have to settle for his $220m Boeing 747-400, which features a lot of the same luxuries as the mysterious A380.

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