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Do you always plan holidays and trips according to your budget? Are you looking to move towns and want to know whether your budget will match? This website could be exactly what you need

Have you ever wondered if you could afford to visit or live in some of the world’s far-flung cities? By simply entering your preferences along with your account balance, this website will give you a list of matches to suit your lifestyle and your pocket. The Earth Awaits sends you on your next getaway by matching your budget with your passion for travel

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The world is waiting

By entering some simple pieces of information on, the website comes up with destinations to suit your exact needs.

You can input information such as your monthly budget, the size of your group, and type of property you’re seeking. You can even choose ratings based on local crime rate, pollution and lifestyle

In the advanced search, users can give additional parameters such as desired temperature, quality of life, medical care, or - if you can’t live without fast internet - even the average download speed.

The Earth Awaits - Travel Website

The site will then propose a number of cities within the appropriate budget and allows budding tourists, or potential movers, to take a closer look at the results in more detail, with tonnes of useful information about the destinations.

The Earth Awaits - Travel Website

How it started

The website first started off as a type of travel blog and the writer wanted to give readers a closer insight into what it would be like to live in different cities around the world. But he soon found that the cost of living had already changed in those locations as soon as the article was written.

“I began working on The Earth Awaits after having a conversation with my father-in-law about his retirement fund. He mentioned that his savings would allow him to spend a little over $2000 (£1600) per month and my mind immediately exploded with all the locations around the world where that amount of money would allow for a spectacular lifestyle,” creator Robert, also known as the Frugal Vagabond, told travel portal Lonely Planet News.

So, he began designing the site to discover where he and his wife could afford to travel based on their pensions and savings. And now you can too.

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A travel tool for everyone  

The website is the perfect tool for people considering an extended travel trip, planning a gap year or simply wanting to disappear and explore new cities. If you’ve found a destination that interests you, you can adapt the budget to your lifestyle and learn more about the city, the region and the country.

The site also calculates the cost of accommodation, meals and entertainment. The data is provided by people who live in or have visited the respective places and is refreshed regularly from databases such as Numbeo to calculate the budget as accurately as possible.

The Earth Awaits - Travel Website

For Facebook fans

If you prefer, you can also ask questions on Facebook, such as: “How much is the budget for two travellers going to Malaga?” A bot calculates everything for you and sends you the answer in a message. However, the developers emphasise that this brand new method is not working smoothly just yet.

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