Social Media moments 2016

The top Hollywood social media moments in 2016

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A-Lister bromances, muscle-bound feuding, and celebrity photobombs. Tinseltown’s leading men ruled social media in 2016

The impact of social media shows no sign of waning. And as a window into the lives of Hollywood’s rich and famous, it gave us plenty of talking points over the last twelve months. Movie trailers and promotional tours can only tell us so much about cinema’s biggest actors. But when they take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., they show us another side to their huge personalities. 

Here is what some of film’s biggest male stars got up to in 2016: 

  • Ryan Reynolds​
  • Hugh Jackman 
  • Dwayne Johnson 
  • Vin Diesel 
  • Tom Hanks
  • Kevin Spacey  
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Deadpool vs. Wolverine

Hugh Jackman on Twitter

@VanCityReynolds asked me to post this 100% real video by him on being honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame today.

Wolverine and Deadpool once fought each other on screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but in real life, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are far more friendly if their recent posts are anything to go by. Reynolds is fast becoming a social media comedy king, with Deadpool-like quick-witted observations about his young children, and life in general. The Canadian actor has also been engaging in some online ‘bantz’ with Logan himself, Hugh Jackman. The two have been exchanging tongue-in-cheek tweets, and when Reynolds had the honour of having his star unveiled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his Aussie mate took to social media to pay tribute…kind of. 

The Rock vs. Vin Diesel

Unlike their fellow actors, if all is as it seems, then these two definitely don’t get along. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel are set to go to head-to-head in 2017 in the eighth Fast and Furious film, Fate of the Furious (watch the trailer along with our other picks of 2017 here). But rumours of on-set feuding between the heavyweight duo spilt onto social media in 2016.

The Rock unleashed a rant against his male co-stars on Instagram labelling them with his trademark insult “candy asses” but most believe it was a barb aimed at Diesel. The xXx star was said to be unhappy with Johnson’s time keeping but the former WWE icon, The Rock also told his legion of fans if it looks like he’s not acting in the new film, it’s because his blood was really boiling. Expect furious sparks to fly when this hits screens. 

Run Forrest, run

© Youtube // First Day Films

US couple Elizabeth and Ryan celebrated their wedding by having their pictures taken in New York’s Central Park. But their special day became even better when a passing jogger decided to join in. The man turned out to be Hollywood megastar Tom Hanks who not only was delighted to pose for the photos but even took a selfie on his own mobile phone and posted it to his Twitter page

Hail to the chief

Hollywood mirrored real life when Kevin Spacey decided to join Instagram in 2016. The star of the hit series House of Cards made a first post that would make his character Frank Underwood proud, posing outside the White House in Washington with the caption: “I’m a man of the people. Even I like to take a selfie outside my house from time to time. Welcome to my Instagram.”

Life’s a beach

2016 was a busy year for The Rock. Throughout the year, he’s been teeing up another of his upcoming flicks, the cinema reboot of the TV beach favourite, Baywatch. Starring alongside Zac Efron as California’s most famous lifeguards, Johnson teased fans with behind-the-scenes pictures from the sun-drenched set on his social media accounts. Along with sharing cast photos, he gave an insight into the gruelling training regime that got him and Efron completely shredded to bring the David Hasselhoff-led show, famous for slow-motion running beauties, to the big screen.  

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