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Travel for work: with these jobs you can explore the world

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For most of us, travelling around the world is a luxury afforded by saving up throughout the year and taking one or two weeks off work in the summer. For others, travelling is work. With these jobs you can go jetsetting while you earn.

Demanding 9-to-5 jobs keep us from taking time to go globetrotting all year round. And for people working shifts during unsociable hours, even going on relatively cheap and quick city breaks can prove a bit of a struggle.

So instead of being filled with envy each time you check your Instagram feed, why not combine work and play? There are a number of roles that allow people to both earn a living and see the world – here are five of the most popular:

How to get rich overnight

Oil platforms are like small cities in the sea, where up to a thousand people work side by side. Even as an assistant, you can earn good money on one. If you are skilled in a trade that is needed out there, like a cook or electrician, the salary is many times higher than an equivalent position on the mainland.

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How you can travel: The training required to become a bartender is very short compared to other professions, and once you’ve done it you’re qualified to work in any bar in the world. There are few better ways to start a conversation with people on the spot, too, so you’ll be sure to meet lots of new acquaintances very quickly.

Challenges: The hours can be very antisocial as most bars come to life in the evening (and early hours of the morning), at a time when many people are thinking about going to sleep. If you do bar work you’ll have to kiss goodbye to regular sleeping patterns.

Flight attendants

How you can travel: Few airlines offer domestic-only flights, so you’ll get to travel to all kinds of far-flung places around the world and experience different people and cultures while you do it.

Challenges: You’ll spend most of your time in hotel rooms between flights, unfortunately. And thanks to the adventurous flight times, you’ll be fighting against jet-lag most of the time.

Cruise ship entertainer

How you can travel: Cruise liners travel back and forth between some of the most beautiful places in the world. You’ll get on fine as long as you’re not prone to sea-sickness, and the regular stop-offs at different shores give you the chance to discover all kinds of fascinating places.

Challenges: Stranded miles away from the coastline, it’s quite likely that some of the cruise passengers will eventually get on your nerves, not to mention your co-workers. This can prove particularly difficult, given that you’re expected to remain cheerful at all times and keep the mood of the passengers up. Also, being at sea around the clock for months at a time might make the job unrealistic for the long term.

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Au Pair

How you can travel: The role of ‘male nannies’ is becoming increasingly widespread. Children across the world – and particularly their parents – are in need of support, due to the increasingly busy lives we lead. Popular destinations include the USA, Canada, New Zealand, as well as many European countries. For 12 to 24 months, you’ll get to experience life in a new country and accompany your host family every step of the way.

Challenges: This job is 24/7. You’ll also get to stay rent-free and be well-fed but don’t kid yourself, being an au pair or ‘manny’ is unlikely to make you rich.

Diving instructor

How you can travel: The most beautiful diving spots on earth lie in exotic places like the Red Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Indian Ocean. As a diving instructor, you’ll experience some wonderful holiday resorts, and get to pursue your hobby at the same time.

Challenges: Due to the seasonal nature of diving, you won’t be able to rely on being a full-time instructor all year round. This role should be taken on as freelance work in tandem with a main job for the rest of the year. 

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