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Wearable Technology

If we are what we wear, we’re all about to get a lot cleverer. Here are 24 ways to join The Smart fabrics and wearables revolution (Part 1)

Heddoko Smart Suit

Workout gear that’s not only breathable and tough, it’s clever. Track data on the app and get live feedback to improve form. And you can chuck it in the washing machine, too.


© ARM // YouTube

Three extremely useful jackets:

Project Jacquard

OK, so you can’t go out and buy it now, but this Google project is worth mentioning as its fabrics will soon revolutionise the fashion industry.

Having observed that the structure of textiles isn’t a million miles from the structure of touchscreens, those working on the project have managed to weave conductive threads into a brand new sort of yarn that makes fabrics interactive.

They’re effectively adding computers to our clothes. Being able to swipe the leg of your jeans to turn the lights down or switch the song your smartphone’s playing is just the tip of the iceberg.


Bracelets and Watches:

Nixie wearable drone

This prototype of the first wearable drone flies off to film or take photos before returning obediently to your wrist. Available soon.


© Fly Nixie // YouTube

For Hands and Feet:

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